Yamaha to Launch Power-Assisted Tricycle in Japan

By News Release | October 28, 2013

Yamaha to Launch Power-Assisted Tricycle in Japan

Yamaha Motor Co. will launch what it claims is the industry’s first power-assisted tricycle for use for delivery business on November 1. The Pas Gear Cargo tricycle, with a front basket, rear carrier, and detachable cart, can carry up to 270 pounds. Yamato Transport Co. has already decided to adopt the tricycle for its delivery services. Yamaha is aiming for annual sales of 500 units and hopes to raise the number to thousands of units in the future.

Delivery companies are increasingly using bicycles fitted with a detachable cart in urban areas partly to avoid traffic jams. But balance is a problem for bicycle deliveries. Sudden braking can cause the back cart to bump against the bicycle. With its incorporated cart, the Pas Gear Cargo has overcome this problem to ensure safety. When removed, the cart can be used as a pushcart.

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