Waterproof Push-lock Circular Connectors Perform In Harsh Environments

By News Release | April 18, 2017

Astute Electronics offers Amphenol LTW‘s X-Lok Series, waterproof (IPX8) circular connectors which integrate a push-lock mechanism together with audible and tactile feedback, delivering desirable blind mating. The devices are rated at 5, 10 and 20A, and 300 VAC/VDC for 1000 cycles. Including a large variety of receptacles and cable assemblies with different connector sizes and pin configurations from two to 18 contacts, the series is suitable for both power and data applications. The connectors are designed according to UL2238 plus 50e and are IEC compliant. The devices use UL-F1 rated thermoplastic materials to limit damage due to long-term UV exposure, and they perform in harsh high temperature and high humidity environments.

News Release
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