TLC and Metz Ethernet Cat 6A Patch Cords in Seven Vibrant Colors

By Cable Assembly Supplier | January 27, 2014

TLC and Metz Ethernet Cat 6A Patch Cords in Seven Vibrant ColorsTLC and Metz Ethernet Cat 6A Patch Cords in Seven Vibrant Colors

Patch cords are cables with an RJ45 connector on both ends. They are used to connect computers and other equipment together in a plug-and-play system. Equipment can be either at the end-users location, such as a computer at an individual’s desk, or in the data center room, where they are used to connect patch panels, switches, and other equipment.

Features of Ethernet Cat 6A Patch Cables:

  • ·         Up to 10Gb Ethernet per IEEE 802.3an
  • ·         Differentiates from the vast majority of patch cords that are Cat 5 or Cat 5e
  • ·         Maintains performance in high bandwidth installations, such as Cat 6A
  • ·         Fully shielded cable and connectors reduce EMI/RFI interference
  • ·         Increased reliability and data integrity
  • ·         Low Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) cable for increased safety in case of fire
  • ·         German-manufactured cables reduce concerns about low-cost-region-produced cables that may not meet specifications or may contain hazardous materials
  • ·         Available in seven vibrant colors, allowing color coding of cables for easy port identification and/or pleasing aesthetics
  • ·         Gold plating over entire length of pins creates excellent corrosion resistance
  • ·         Molded strain relief boot with lever protection protects connector from damage from pulling the cable
  • ·         12 cable lengths available, from 0.5 meters (1.6 feet) to 30 meters (98.4 feet), encouraging organized installations and efficient cable management by eliminating excess cable
  • ·         PoE- and PoE+-compatible
  • ·         Ability to supply power over Ethernet to devices such as wireless access ports and IP cameras


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