Updated: November 20th, 2019

By connecting an Italian line of frozen-treat machines via the Internet of Things, the equipment maker prevents unnecessary ice cream downtime.



ice-cream-300The maker of large-scale gelato, ice cream, and frozen-dessert equipment, Carpigiani of Bologna, Italy, re-upped its agreement with connected-business solution provider Telenor Connexion earlier this summer with hopes that 4,000 gelato-making machines will soon join another 8,000 remotely monitored machines via the Internet of Things.

Like all machinery, ice cream-equipment is routinely maintained according to a set schedule, but still, it’s prone to failure, usually in the hottest months when customers are queuing up for a frozen treat.

While operators are fixing the machines, customers can’t get their gelato fix and machine owners lose sales.

Predictive vs. Preventative Maintenance

The Internet of Things, with its remote-monitoring capabilities, can dramatically cut equipment downtime because the sensors and devices connected to the machines continually measure their performance and alert owners to a number of operating issues, including imminent part f