New Harwin Datamate Coaxial and HD Power Connectors

Harwin expands its Datamate range of products with a coaxial connector and a 10-position high-density power connector. Harwin released the Datamate coaxial connector and the M300 10-position high-density power connector series. These products can be used in aerospace applications including satellites, military aircraft, robotics, and UAVs. The Datamate 2mm-pitch, board-to-board and board-to-cable high-performance/high-reliability connectors, which nowRead More

Amphenol Amphe-309 Industrial Power Connectors

Amphenol Amphe-309 industrial power connectors are ideal for extreme industrial, commercial, and data center applications. Amphenol Industrial Products Group introduced a new generation of industrial power connectors for use in harsh industrial, commercial, and data center applications. The IP44- and IP67-rated Amphe-309 provides safe and reliable portable electrical connections for the most extreme environments. Ideal for useRead More

The Era of Smart Wearables is Coming

Connectivity will be key to expanding the world of wearables in the future.   The world of technology is going through another transformation. We went from mainframes to desktop PCs in about two decades; from desktops to laptop PCs in one; and from laptops to smartphones and tablets in less than that. Another revolution isRead More

Positronic’s Waterproof Combo-D Connector

Positronic’s waterproof Combo-D connector offers mixed power/signal capabilities in a waterproof version. Positronic has introduced the WCBD Series, a waterproof version of the popular Combo-D mixed power/signal connector family. Features include: Ability to mix power and signal in a single connector body capable of up to 40A per size 8 contact IP67 rating ideal for non-sheltered/outdoor environmentsRead More

Neoconix Low-Profile X-Beam Electrical Connectors

The Neoconix low-profile X-Beam electrical connectors are the ideal solution for mobile applications that require robust battery and signal connections. Neoconix announced immediate availability of its new X-Beam family of electrical connectors. Featuring an ultra-low-profile form factor and a simplified SMT assembly process, the X-Beam product family is the latest Neoconix offering specifically developed for mobileRead More

Hirose EM12M Snap-in Lock Power Connector

The Hirose EM12M snap-in lock power connector offers low contact resistance due to multiple contact points. Hirose designed a new high-power wire-to-wire connector system for industrial and medical applications. The EM12M Series single-position, snap-in lock power connector supports up to 90A using 22-square-millimeter cables. A reliable, multi-point contact design delivers low contact resistance and high current-carrying capacity. TheRead More

Mill-Max Combination Signal/Power Connectors

The new Mill-Max combination signal/power connectors simplify board layouts and provide flexibility in system design. Mill-Max introduced new connector products designed for combined signal and power transmission. These connectors eliminate the need to choose separate connectors for power and signal, while simplifying board layouts, providing versatility, and delivering reliable and consistent performance. There are two connector set options:Read More

Nanocrystalline Silver Contact Platings

New silver alloys address the issues of durability and conductivity through a fundamental difference in crystalline structure. Dr. Bob takes a closer look at nanocrystalline silver contact platings.   Two papers* were published last year that introduced nanocrystalline silver alloy contact platings – one a silver-palladium alloy and the other silver-tungsten. Both papers cite theRead More

FCI BarGuide Power Connectors

The FCI BarGuide Power Connectors provide high-power distribution in high-density packaging. FCI released the BarGuide Power Connectors, which were developed to meet the ever-evolving demands for high-power distribution in high-density packaging. They provide high amperage connections between busbars and circuit boards. BarGuide connectors provide a current-carrying capability from 60 – 250A, based on specific pin sizes. TheyRead More

How to Specify Connectors for Distributed Power Architectures

Selecting the right power connector will maximize efficiency in distributed power architectures.   Efficiency is the holy grail of today’s power system architectures. Higher-voltage DC distribution has its advantages and is gaining traction, but the utility of universal AC input with active PFC and attractive full load efficiencies continues to address complex load requirements. ThisRead More

A Short Guide to Power Connectors

With such a variety of power connectors from which to choose, C2G has put together a short guide to power connectors to make your selection quick and easy.   Power connectors allow electronic devices to connect to available power outlets. Power cables can carry either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). An example of ACRead More

Amphenol RadFin Power Connectors

The new Amphenol RadFin power connectors use RADSOK technology to deliver up to 300A at a single point of contact. Amphenol Industrial Products Group now offers a new high-current PCB power connector that enables single-point power delivery of 150A, 200A, and 300A in less than one linear inch of a PCB edge. Amphenol’s RadFin powerRead More

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