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TE Opens Wearables Lab

To address rapid growth in the wearables market, TE opens a wearables lab focused on consumer, medical, industrial, and defense applications.     TE Connectivity announced the official opening of its TE Wearables Lab in Menlo Park, Calif.,US. Exclusively focused on wearable technologies across consumer, medical, industrial, and defense businesses, the lab serves as aRead More

Inside Connection: Amphenol Aerospace

Inside Connection highlights the technologies, innovations, special services, and unique products from connector suppliers like Amphenol Aerospace. Company Name: Amphenol Aerospace Headquarters: Sidney, N.Y., US About the Company Amphenol Aerospace has been designing and building proven, reliable, high-performance, harsh-environment interconnects for more than 85 years. A division of Amphenol Corporation, Amphenol Aerospace designs, manufactures, andRead More

Converting Aircraft On-Board Systems to Fiber Optics

With more airline passengers demanding in-flight Wi-Fi, system designers need to find a smart solution for converting on-board systems to fiber optics. One of the hottest technology trends relating to cabin electronics in civil aircraft is creating designs that accommodate all the passengers that now want to use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops on board.Read More

Keeping the Future Soldier Connected

Utilizing modern technology to build efficient integrated equipment, electronics manufacturers ensure that the future soldier maintains constant contact to receive crucial, mission-critical information. Here are some big ideas from ITT Cannon for keeping the future soldier connected. With continuing developments in technology, a soldier’s equipment must stay that much more ahead of these advances. UtilizingRead More

Bel Fuse To Acquire Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions

Bel Fuse to acquire Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions for $98 million, its third major acquisition in the past 14 months. Bel Fuse Inc. announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions (ECS) business of Emerson Inc. Bel will pay approximately $98 million in cash to acquireRead More

The Military Market Continues to Contract

Trends in the global military/aerospace cable assembly market vary greatly by region, as they are significantly impacted by individual governments, policies, and budgets. That’s why the military market continues to contract. Bishop tracks 11 companies in the military/aerospace market sector. Growth in the military/aerospace market, as measured by these 11 companies, has been poor inRead More

Multi-Contact Coax Connectors and VITA Standards

Using multi-contact coax connectors and VITA standards can preserve space on the front panel and facilitate insertion/removal of cards for installation, repair, and upgrades. A growing trend in electronic packaging for military and aerospace applications is the availability of multi-contact coaxial interconnects. A key driver is the desire to provide RF disconnect capability at the backplane/daughtercardRead More

Five Things to Know About RF Coaxial Connectors

Think you know everything about RF Coaxial Connectors? Here are five things to know before you start your next design. 1. Radio frequency (RF) coaxial contacts maintain signal integrity. RF coaxial connectors have historically been used to transmit radio signals over copper lines so the signal can be processed into an audible or visible medium.Read More

The Facts and Figures of Military Strategy

Competition in the defense industry will continue to become more global and intense. Facts and figures of military strategy show the defense sector has more players than future demand can profitably support. Governments and defense agencies in 2013 — from the US to China to the eurozone — had to justify defense spending against aRead More

VITA Specifications: Setting the Standard

The VITA specifications enable the embedded computer industry to support military, avionic, space, instrumentation, semiconductor processing, medical imaging, and industrial control applications. The way industry standards are often viewed by the engineering community has been the source of jokes for many years: How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb? None, they simplyRead More

The Need for Speed – Rugged Mobile Devices in the Military

February 5, 2013 – The commercial market is setting the pace for the use of mobile devices across multiple markets and applications. As defense personnel see computing devices used in different ways in the civilian world, they are adapting them for similar applications in the military. Jenny Bieksha looks at the latest trends in military electronics, the drivers behind them, and where the applications are going next.

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