Internet of Things Gets Major Boost from IBM and Semtech

Internet of Things Gets Major Boost from IBM and Semtech IBM and Semtech Corporation, a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, announced a significant advancement in wireless technology, combining IBM software and Semtech hardware to create a system capable of transmitting data up to a distance of 15km (9 miles), depending on the environment,Read More

The Robotic Age is Here – Industrial Robot Market Statistics

September 2013 – Industrial robots are a common sight on the factory floor, particularly in automotive markets. They offer high-precision handling and speed, and reduce operator risk, such as worker exposure to hazardous materials, and to production dangers in general. In the near future, industrial robots will include those that cooperate with humans, instead of replacing them. This will open up new potential for utilizing robots in factories and in the agricultural market, as well as for domestic purposes.

Heavy Industry Drives the Industrial Market

September 2013 – Year-over-year heavy duty transportation market sales growth slowed substantially starting in 4Q11 and has been negative in 1Q13 and 2Q13, while sequentially, 2Q13 sales increased 3.8% vs 1Q13.

Industrial Robotics Market Sales and Growth Forecast

May 21, 2013 – A record number of industrial robots were sold in 2011, with a worldwide increase of 38% over 2010, reaching 166,000 units. Arthur Visser looks at the potential for industrial robots in 2012 and beyond.

What’s Next in Factory Automation?

August 2013 – The Internet of Things (IoT) will allow every thing with a unique identifier to communicate over the Internet or a similar network. Microprocessors will be embedded in everyday objects and the factory floor will be no exception. How far along are these developments? And what will they mean for the connectors of the future?

Next-Generation, Wire-to-Board Capped IDC Series from AVX

AVX has significantly redesigned its established surface-mount, wire-to-board 9175 and 9176 insulation displacement connector (IDC) Series. The new design simplifies the connector and reduces the cost of the wire termination processes used to connect discrete wire components to a PCB, bring power and signals onto a PCB, and daisy-chain PCBs together to form a continuousRead More

Problem Solved: Opening Up Possibilities for the Robotics Industry

December 4, 2012 – When customers presented application challenges that weren’t met by traditional connector technology, TE Connectivity set out to develop a contactless technology that offered high performance with a low maintenance design. Here’s how TE solves problems faced by the robotics industry with its ARISO CONNECTLESS CONNECTIVITY.

AVX’s New IDC Wire-to-Board Connectors for Industrial and SSL Applications

AVX Corporation has further expanded its 9159 Series of SMT connectors with the addition of IDC wire-to-board plug-and-socket connectors. The new 9159 Series IDC connectors facilitate the easy, reliable, and cost-effective termination of 22-24AWG discrete or cabled power and signal wires into standard 9159 Series two-piece connectors systems, maximizing their flexibility by providing them withRead More

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