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How to Specify Single-Mode and Multimode FO Connectors

As fiber optic technology continues to expand and evolve at an increasingly rapid rate, we asked the Fiber Optic Association to provide our readers with a simple guide on how to specify single-mode and multimode FO connectors. Visit the Fiber Optic Association online for more valuable information about specifying these connectors, as well as forRead More

How to Specify Spring Probe Connectors

Custom connectors that utilize spring probe technology offer compliance, blind mating, and space savings. Gina Prieto of Smiths Connectors offers advice on how to specify spring probe connectors. Custom connectors utilizing spring probe technology offer a number of advantages over other contact types: compliance, blind mating, and space savings. Most often overlooked, however, is their designRead More

How to Specify Connectors for LED Applications

Connectors play a variety of roles in LED lighting systems. Here, Mill-Max looks at headers and sockets used in coplanar board mating, providing a complete guide on how to specify connectors for LED applications. Connectors play a variety of roles in LED lighting systems, depending on the application. In many cases, they provide the electricalRead More

Design Tips for Better LED Connector Selection

LED connectors are not the “sexiest” of design components in a lighting fixture, but they can have a major impact on thermal path design, efficiency of production, and LED fixture certification time. Avnet’s Mark Mousseau shares design tips for better LED connector selection. Design decisions in the eco-system of an LED fixture are numerous and haveRead More

How to Specify Fiber Optic Connectors for Industrial Applications

Need some tips for installing fiber optics on the factory floor? Relcom shares its tips on how to specify fiber optic connectors for industrial applications. This information is provided by Relcom. Fiber optic cable connects to the station’s transmitter and receiver by specialized connectors. There are a number of different types of fiber optic connectors,Read More

How to Specify Wind Turbine Connectors

The functional viability of wind turbines ultimately depends on the robustness and reliability of the interconnect systems that are designed into them. Here are Smiths Connectors’ tips on how to specify wind turbine connectors. This information was provided by Smiths Connectors. Today, more than ever before, the world is racing to develop alternative sources ofRead More

How to Specify and Select a Connector

The “Connector Basics” series from APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants continues with a tutorial on how to specify and select a connector for a particular application. Generally speaking, electrical connectors are mechanical components that serve an electrical function. In addition to carrying electrical current at a specified voltage, connectors either enable interconnection of components during theRead More

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