Problem Solved: Small-Diameter Cable Technology

To increase the capacity of their networks, service providers are deploying more and more fiber. While that keeps pace with the demand for bandwidth, it creates another set of problems. TE Connectivity’s solution is small-diameter cable technology. The following white paper excerpt was provided by TE Connectivity. Business and residential subscribers all over the worldRead More

Seven Deadly Counterfeit Cable Sins

Unscrupulous sellers have found many ways to cut costs on cables, drawing customers in with the low price. L-com shares the “Seven Deadly Counterfeit Cable Sins” and advises how you can avoid them. What scares you more than a faulty, overrated, counterfeit cable? If you’re like us and work with cables on a daily basis, thenRead More

Optical Connectivity Offers I/O Options

Optical connectivity now offers I/O options, such as Molex’s optical interfaces designed to support up to 400Gb/s. Demand for higher port density and bandwidth has stimulated the introduction of high-performance optical I/O connectors that support up to 400Gb/s links. Manufacturers such as Avago Technologies, FCI Electronics, Samtec, and TE Connectivity offer a variety of opticalRead More

ERNI Compact Cable Connectors for Lighting

ERNI compact cable connectors for lighting are ideal for compact as well as electrically and mechanically sophisticated designs. With the MaxiBridge (2.54 mm pitch) and MiniBridge (1.27 mm pitch) cable connector families, ERNI Electronics offers ideal solutions for compact as well as electrically and mechanically sophisticated designs, such as those found in modern lighting technology. Read More

End-to-End Communications with Advanced Fiber Technologies

For high-speed communication beyond the first few meters, optics is a field-proven, energy-efficient transport mechanism. This TE Connectivity white paper delves into optimizing end-to-end communications with advanced fiber optic technologies. This white paper excerpt was contributed by TE Connectivity. More Data = More Consumption The emergence of faster data rates to keep pace with theRead More

Fairview Microwave Low-Loss LL335i and LL142 Cable Assemblies

Fairview Microwave low-loss LL335i and LL142 cable assemblies are rated to 18GHz, making them ideal for rugged test environments. Fairview Microwave introduced a new line of low-loss test cables using LL335i and LL142 coax. Rated to 18 GHz, these new low-loss cable assemblies are ideal for test environments where a rugged, phase-stable cable assembly isRead More

TPC Chem-Gard 200°C CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable

The TPC Chem-Gard 200°C CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable is built for high performance in the harshest environments. TPC Wire & Cable introduced a new product to its Chem-Gard family of cables. The Chem-Gard 200˚C CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable is a 100-Ohm category cable built to perform in the harshest industrial environments while delivering data communicationsRead More

Soldering Semi-Rigid Cable to PCBs

When soldering semi-rigid cables to PCBs, a number of design considerations must be taken into account to maximize performance. This information was provided by Micro-Coax. Semi-rigid cables can be soldered directly to PCBs and are an excellent solution for transmitting amplified signals across PCBs. The cables offer outstanding shielding and insertion loss characteristics, thus improvingRead More

Kerite High-Voltage Shielded Power Cable

The new Kerite high-voltage shielded power cable provides unparalleled reliability and performance with more than 40 years of failure-free service. Kerite, a manufacturer of high-quality insulated utility underground power cable, announced a full line of high-voltage (HV) power cable, available in voltages ranging from 46kV thru 138kV. Whether directly buried or in conduits, Kerite’s HVRead More

Inter-Vehicle Jumper Systems for Rail Transport

Today’s inter-vehicle jumper systems must withstand a diverse array of electrical, mechanical, and climatic conditions. Today’s inter-vehicle jumper systems must be capable of withstanding a diverse array of conditions, so the system’s design must consider the flow of current and the resulting heating, vibration, bending, and torsion, as well as ambient temperature, ballast strikes, weathering,Read More

FCI Mini-SAS HD Active Optical Cable Supports Plug-and-Play Operations

FCI Mini-SAS HD Active Optical Cable is a four-channel cable with low-power optical components. The FCI Mini-SAS HD Active Optical Cable (MSHD AOC) assembly is the latest addition to the supplier’s portfolio of optical and electrical cabling solutions. The MSHD AOC solution is a four-channel cable that features low-power optical components with an average ofRead More

Hendrix DUAL BLOCK for Underground Cable

The Hendrix DUAL BLOCK for underground cable prevents water from entering the cable core. Hendrix/Kerite Cable announced its DUAL BLOCK product. The Hendrix DUAL BLOCK for underground cable provides a dual water-blocking capability on Hendrix primary, underground cable. Water can be detrimental to life expectancy in primary cable, as it can lead to premature failureRead More

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