R&M Promotes Green Approach to Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings in Middle East Data Centers

By News Release | October 18, 2013

R&M Promotes Green Approach

R&M, the Swiss structured cabling specialist, has officially signed the European Union (EU) Code of Conduct (CoC) on data center energy efficiency, a move that will ensure the company’s commitment to providing technical solutions as well as information and methodologies to help its customers reduce their data center power requirements. The aim of the CoC is to reduce energy consumption in data centers in order to protect the climate.

R&M’s cabling and intelligent infrastructure management systems can help Middle East organizations cut their network energy needs by as much as 10% leading to greener IT and cost-saving benefits. Jean-Pierre Labry, executive vice-president of R&M Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, said, “In the region, organizations hoping to get the most out of their limited IT budgets often look at short-term cost savings and focus on upfront or capitol expense reductions. However, there is a strong case for going green, as this is not only a buzzword but does actually translate to significant reductions in operating expenses. R&M’s endorsement of the Code of Conduct guarantees that we will continue to incorporate energy efficiency and green IT standards into our solutions portfolio.”

R&M’s cabling systems for data centers support Middle East organizations’ efforts toward energy efficiency. For example, the shorter length of the Cat 6A technology from R&M is highly beneficial. “Users have to store fewer cables in raised floors. They not only save on material and resources but also improve air circulation,” said Alfred Tharwat, head of training & data center consultancy, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa at R&M. “That saves energy. In addition, servers and switches need less transmission power when links are short and signal transmission is undisturbed. They do not heat up as much, so less cooling power is required and therefore less energy.”

The R&M  cabling system is also optimized for 10GBASE-T low-power mode, a mode increasingly used in network cards for servers. Unshielded WARP cabling from R&M is another way for data centers to make improvements. With its small cross section, this cable is 17% thinner than conventional shielded installation cables. Because less space is needed for cables and raceways, air circulation is improved and energy is saved. This same effect is achieved with high-density products from R&M, such as extremely dense distributor and connector systems.

“R&M already works closely with its partners and customers in the region to ensure that the highest standards are maintained through the installation and operation of our systems,” said Jean-Pierre Labry. “To do so, we have invested heavily in establishing a local presence in the countries in which we operate. Being more accessible to our customers means better collaboration and better implementations.”

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