Sterilizable and Autoclavable Connectors for Medical Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | June 28, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights sterilizable and autoclavable medical connectors from leading suppliers.

Sterilizable and Autoclavable Connectors for Medical Applications

CDM Thorkom GroupViking THORKOM circular connectors from CDM Electronics are available in various shell sizes, high density contact arrangements, and mounting styles. They feature quick connect and disconnect with either POSI-LOK or V-LOK coupling and are UL 94V-2 approved with high-temperature-resistant thermoplastic for autoclaving processes. Viking THORKOM circular connectors have screw machined dip solder contacts and offer various backshell and strain relief options, as well as environmental molded cable assemblies.


Kensington Electronics supplies D series connectors

Kensington Electronics supplies D series connectors for autoclaved medical devices from Smiths Interconnect. Utilizing a high-strength polymer, the D Series is designed to withstand up to 20 autoclave cycles and is selectively loaded with up to 25 hyperboloid contacts. The D series plastic circular connectors, with their simple and intuitive push-button latching and high-reliability Hypertac contacts, are ideal for many medical applications, including electrophysiology catheters, patient monitors, MRI systems, intravascular ultrasounds, defibrillators, infusion pumps, and laboratory equipment. Versions of the D series are available in either polycarbonate (Lexan) or polyetherimide (Ultem). The higher temperature Ultem plastic exceeds the temperature range of typical autoclave systems, allowing for autoclave sterilization.


Amphenol Alden Pulse-Lok Medical Connectors supplied by PEI-GenesisAmphenol Alden Pulse-Lok Medical Connectors supplied by PEI-Genesis are lighter and more cost-effective than traditional circular metal connectors. They have a unique locking coupling system with visual, tactile, and audible confirmation for secure connections as well as quick-release action. Unlike traditional push-pull connectors, whose latch mechanism may increase the mating and unmating forces of the connector, Amphenol Alden’s coupler contributes almost no additional force to the mating process. Once engaged, the retention features assure a safe, secure connection that protects against disengagement due to unintended pull on the cable. Amphenol Alden Pulse-Lok connectors are excellent for medical, factory automation, and instrumentation field applications. Many contact types are available, including signal, power, high-voltage, and Ethernet.


Souriau JMX Series Plastic Push-Pull Coupling Connectors supplied by Allied Electronics & AutomationSouriau JMX Series Plastic Push-Pull Coupling Connectors supplied by Allied Electronics & Automation offer reliable mating with a locking mechanism that only requires two fingers to mate/unmate securely with an audible and tactile indicator. The JMX connectors are capable of mating over 2,000 times. These IP68-rated connectors offer protection from fluid ingress and liquid projection in mated or unmated condition. Souriau JBX Metal Push-Pull Circular Connectors are designed for both indoor and outdoor high-reliability applications requiring a quick-and-easy connect/disconnect method and can withstand up to 5,000 mating cycles. The design features a small footprint for ease-of-use in limited spaces and a 360° EMI shielded metal housing for reliable signal integrity performance, even in high vibration and shock environments. The waterproof and extreme high temperature resistance characteristics of the JMX series makes it ideal for medical, instrumentation, and measurement applications. Capable of over 2,000 mating cycles, this series can withstand steam autoclave sterilization per IEC 60601-1 (up to 200 cycles).


REDEL 2P High Voltage connectors from LEMO, supplied by Powell ElectronicsREDEL 2P High Voltage connectors from LEMO, supplied by Powell Electronics, are an ideal solution for medical and industrial applications. They are available in 2, 5, and 8 contact configurations and are sterilizable by gas or by steam. Building on the 2P series legacy in medical applications, these new insert configurations work for high-voltage PFA (pulsed-field ablation) and PEF (pulsed electrical field) catheter technologies.


Molex MediSpec Hybrid Circular MT Cable and Receptacle System available from AVNETThe custom Molex MediSpec Hybrid Circular MT Cable and Receptacle System available from AVNET combines optical and electrical solutions in one connector. This multifunctional connector provides options for three configurable ports by leveraging the existing circular MT optical connector and receptacle design. For optical connections, any of the three connector ports can utilize the MT ferrule. For multimode versions, both 50/125 and 62.5/125μm fiber are available. Mating electrical receptacles feature copper MT ferrules. The copper MT connector utilizes copper MT ferrules with the pins. MediSpec products are designed, tested, and validated to withstand multiple sterilization cycles by autoclave, Steris, and Sterrad processes.

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