Circular Medical Interconnects Product Roundup

By AJ Born | February 06, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights circular medical connectors from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.

Circular Medical connectors

PEI Genesis supplies LEMO S Series circular connectorsPEI Genesis supplies LEMO S Series circular connectors, the original push-pull connectors. The S Series circular connector offers high performance and rugged design, and is ideal for use in medical applications, audio/video, the machine industry, research instrumentation and Test & Measurement environments. This circular connector can be built with unipole, coaxial, multipole, or triaxial contacts (stepped inserts for alignment are available in the multipole version). The LEMO S Series circular connector offers ample customization options with 8 sizes, 9 different color choices, and over 50 shell styles.

D04 connectors from Smiths InterconnectD04 connectors from Smiths Interconnect leverage the versatility of the D Series to deliver a reliable interconnect solution for demanding medical applications that require high density, high cycle life, and ease of assembly. The company’s D series was previously available in 2 standard sizes with contact counts ranging from 3 to 25. Thanks to the addition of the new D04 connectors, the series now includes a high-density configuration able to offer high contact count connections for up to 10,000 cycles with ease of use and verified electrical performance. Using a pin and socket configuration, the D04 connector has an insulation resistance greater than 5000 M Ohm at 500 VDC. Thanks to this additional configuration, the D Series meets the electrical requirements of EIA-364-05 to 70 Test Procedures (Electronic Industries Alliance) and uses low resistance pin and socket technology, which is an advantage over spring probe.

LEMO REDEL range, offered by Powell ElectronicsThe modular design of the LEMO REDEL range, offered by Powell Electronics, provides over 5000 connectors from ø 14 mm to ø 21 mm, capable of handling cable diameters up to 9.5 mm and up to 32 contacts. This vast portfolio enables you to select the ideal connector configuration to suit almost any specific requirement in most markets, including medical devices, Test & Measurement instruments, machinery, audio video broadcast, telecommunications, and military.

TYU’s TW0501 miniature waterproof connectorTYU’s TW0501 miniature waterproof connector is the smaller version of TYU’s TW0603 waterproof connector series. TW0501 series connectors are designed for signal and power connections of up to 5 amps with only two contacts. The mating interface allows for 360o mating, which makes it very user-friendly during assembly, end customer use, and repair. Despite the lightweight and miniature size, the connector has a waterproof level of IP67 when mated. Additionally, this connector has internal strain relief to increase the reliability and protection of the connector and wire harness. The contact is gold plated and allows for 200 mating cycles. This is one of the smallest waterproof connector series with only 5.3 mm outer diameter. Typically used in E-Bikes, the TW0501 is suitable for use in medical and other applications.

Lumberg’s Series 03 circular connectorsLumberg’s Series 03 circular connectors feature a wide range of parts, 3 –14 poles, with and without 360° shielding. The SV (shown) is used in ophthalmic and dental treatment chairs. Series 03 offers compatible mating acc. to IEC 61076-2-106 and IEC 60130-9 and features easy mounting with solder or crimp technology as well as protection degrees IP40 and IP68. Typical applications are medical instrumentation, control engineering, and automation technology. This series includes versions for 4G/5G mobile radio networks acc. to AISG. SWUM versions are even sealed when unmated.

EDAC’s circular magnetic spring-loaded pogo pin connectorEDAC’s circular magnetic spring-loaded pogo pin connector facilitates efficient and secure connections in devices, especially those requiring rotational alignment, such as medical instruments. The circular form factor and integrated magnetics ensure quick and reliable connectivity while also allowing for blind mating.

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