Qualtek Dual Fuse IEC C14 Inlet

By News Release | April 06, 2015

The Qualtek dual fuse IEC C14 inlet is compact and rated to 10A.

QualtekQualtek Dual Fuse IEC now offers a series of dual-fused inlets which are compact and rated to 10A. The inlets, which are available with screw-mount (719WA) or snap-in mounting (723WA), feature active fuses on both the line and neutral. The inlets are designed to comply with EN 60320-1 C14 specifications and accept 5x20mm-size fuses. 723WA series inlets can be configured with either 1.0mm or 1.5mm panel thicknesses and the entire line includes 4.8mm quick-connect/solder wire terminations. Both the 719WA series and 723WA series are cURus- and TUV-approved to 250V/10A.

News Release
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