Pasternack’s Coaxial Test Cables Capable of 26.5 GHz

By Cable Assembly Supplier | June 10, 2013

Pasternack Enterprises added a new line of SMA and N-Type Coaxial Test Cables that are ideal for testing applications requiring low insertion loss and operating frequencies up to 26.5 GHz.

Pasternack Enterprises’ new RF test cables are specifically designed for environments that require highly durable test cables, but not expensive ultra-stable cables. The new coaxial test cables are available in both in-series and between-series configurations. They use male versions of SMA (26.5GHz) and N (18GHz) connectors, and Pasternack’s own PE-P141 type coax, a flexible version of 141 semi-rigid coax. Each test cable is constructed with extremely durable, machined, stainless steel connectors and comes standard with a double-shielded coax and FEP jacket.

Pasternack’s new SMA and N test cables are used for many applications, including prototyping in test labs, production line testing, and antenna range testing. These rugged RF cables are a cost-effective solution for various types of production testing, eliminating the need to buy more expensive versions. Test cables from Pasternack can be ordered in custom lengths and are also available in standard lengths from 12 to 120 inches. Metric lengths can be ordered for each series in 100-, 150- and 200-centimeter (cm) lengths.

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