Omnetics Miniature Cables And Connectors

By News Release | September 15, 2014

Omnetics miniature cables and connectors improve high-density circuit performance.

OmneticsOmnetics miniature cables and connectors improve high-density circuit performance. has launched a line of micro and nano interconnects with shielding that reduces EMI in tight spaces. The connectors offer low profiles, lighter weights, and good connections for most routing signals in small electronics and modules.  The cabling to the connectors can be specifically designed to protect both cable and circuits and be more flexible to assist in routing. The new slim-lined .025″ pitch connectors with integrated backshells save weight and space while achieving up to 85db of EMI isolation in noisy, high-speed environments.

Circuits are being squeezed into smaller spaces and being used at higher speeds, with mixed signals and occasionally including digital burst transmissions. By condensing more electronics into smaller areas, the designer is faced with additional challenges.  Micro and nano-connectors use smaller-diameter cables and allow signal routing adjacent to potentially noisy electronic processing equipment. Cables can create and carry inductively coupled noise that could interfere with other circuitry. This can cause potential problems for either the signal being carried in the cable and or the processing elements on a printed circuit board that they pass.  Poorly matched impedance circuits and cables can cause a noise factor that reduces signal integrity of any number of elements in the system. There are numerous noise management and control methods available in electronic design, but as space and weight become a key factor, only a few efficient methods remain.

Custom micro and nano cables are readily configured, including metal mesh for noise shielding that is terminated on each connector using a 360º seal that ensures high noise protection. Polymer jackets can be added to the exterior of the shielded cable to provide softer and smoother feel and protection of the cable. A wide range of both circular and rectangular micro and nano connector formats are available to select for specific applications. Alternative shielding materials from braided metal systems to simple slip-on shielding materials can help match the design to the need.

News Release
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