Suyin Offers Spring-Contact Battery Connectors

By cs admin | August 06, 2012

August 2012 – Suyin has released a line of spring-contact battery connectors that are specially shaped for ergonomic charging.

Citing the interface between the charging unit and the end device, spring-contact battery connectors, the products are focused on the spring contacts’ technical specifications, such as the minimum number of mating cycles and the contact resistance or the current-carrying capacity. The products also take into account the shape of the connector housing, which is designed to support uncomplicated and reliable connections with stable contact.

For instance, Suyin’s 060069MS model, for use in charging units or base stations, is a 4-position vertical spring-contact connector prepared for thru-hole mounting. Its contact mounting plate is tilted slightly from the vertical axis to the inside at an angle of 8 degrees in order to make it easier to connect the device to be charged, without having to sacrifice connection reliability. For the same reason, the charging connector’s sides are also slanted inward from the vertical axis at a 5-degree angle.

Inside the housing itself, specially formed plastic ribs serve as a locking mechanism in order to ensure high contact reliability, even when the connector is subjected to vibrations. When used in base stations, the connector can also serve as a data connector. Two side-mounted guide pins that are offset at an angle provide additional anchoring on the carrier board. The copper-alloy contact springs, which are arranged at a pitch of 1.5 mm and are plated with gold over nickel, are configured for 12VDC/2A per pin, and the connectors are specified for at least 5,000 mating cycles.

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