Souriau’s Elio Optical Fibre Comes to VGE1

By cs admin | August 06, 2012

August 2012 – First developed for the aerospace sector, Souriau’s ELIO contact has joined the Souriau railway connector product range. Several all-optical or electrical/optical hybrid configurations are now available in the VGE1 range.

ELIO contact combines optical performance in demanding environments with very low signal losses even when subjected to the most violent vibrations or shocks. Souriau incorporated ELIO contacts into the VGE1 range of railway-qualified connectors. ELIO featuers hermaphroditic contact and contact insertion in and extraction from the connector without tools.

Optical fibre technology for railway equipment data transmission requirements offers constantly increasing data rates, enhanced security and reliability, increasingly long life, and energy savings from reduced equipment weight. Optical fibre can handle practically unlimited data rates, provides immunity to electromagnetic interference without shielding, and avoids any risk of electrostatic discharge. The connectors are more compact than standard electrical connectors, Souriau said.

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