Lutze Launches Servo Drive Cable Assemblies

By cs admin | July 19, 2012

July 19, 2012

Lutze Inc. recently launched a line of servo drive cable assemblies according to Siemens 6FX standard, which are fully compatible with Siemens drive systems for motion control.

Lutze makes factory automation cables such as Lutze Superflex Plus. This flexing cable is now available pre-assembled to connect Siemens servo drive systems. Lutze’s cable design is optimally suited for use with Siemens servo drives. Lutze cable assemblies are compatible with Siemens drive systems, offering lower cable capacitance values and smaller cable ODs.

Lutze offers each cable assembly in custom lengths of 0.5m increments. The product offering includes all power and feedback sizes. In addition, raw cable is available for field assembly. Every assembly is quality tested and made with proper crimp and shield termination.

Visit Lutze online.


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