SMA End-Launch Connectors Aimed at Evaluation and Demo Kits

By cs admin | August 16, 2012

Aug. 16, 2012

Amphenol Connex released new and improved versions of its end-launch SMA connectors. The re-engineered edge mount SMA connectors ensure contact stability and to improve electrical performance from DC to 18GHz.

The connectors are suited for semiconductor evaluation and demo boards as well as high-frequency space-limited applications. Units feature gold-plated bodies, precision machined from brass. Male contacts are machined from brass, while female contacts are Beryllium Copper. All contacts are plated with gold over high-phosphorous nickel, ensuring durability of 500 mating cycles minimum.

End launch SMA connectors are available for varying PCB thicknesses and with either round post or flat-tab contacts. Plug, jack and bulkhead jack body styles are available along with RP-SMA versions.

Visit Amphenol Connex online.

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