Temp-Flex MediSpec High-Density Micro-Ribbon Cables

By Cable Assembly Supplier | June 10, 2013

Temp-Flex MediSpec High-Density Micro-Ribbon Cables are ideal for invasive and implantable medical applications.

With precise electrical length-matching capability in a compact size, they achieve high-density, long-length, precise signal transmission, and reduce costs on invasive and implantable medical equipment by replacing individual primary wires and flexible circuits with ribbonized parallel wires.

The adjacent, parallel wires are bonded together using fluoropolymer technology into an organized, dense package for ease-of-routing and electrical length matching. This technology ensures each wire is the same length on a tightly controlled pitch to deliver precise electrical performance.

The continuous cables are available in long lengths and are not limited by standard manufacturing capability or pricing constraints of traditional flex circuit designs.

Features include:

  • Low-loss dielectric constant (down to 2.1) dependent on insulation material for optimum signal transmission with minimum loss
  • Continuous, ribbonized parallel wires bonded together in long cable lengths (continuous spools based on customer’s requirements) ensure precise electrical length matching and ease-of-routing
  • Industry leader in fine-wire, fluoropolymer-insulated micro-ribbon cable
  • Highly reliable cabling solutions in an extremely condensed format
  • Compact size comprised of a small pitch (76μm), tight tolerance (13μm), and a variety of wire gauges (36 to 50 AWG) enables multiple, high-density signal channels (up to 13 signals/mm or 169 signals/mm2)
  • Proven Temp-Flex MediSpec performance using biocompatible materials ensures cables are ideal for implantable and invasive medical applications
  • A variety of conductor materials, including silver-plated copper (SPC), MP35N, precious metals, and stainless steel, supports a high degree of customization

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