Molex MediSpec Medical Plastic Circular System

By News Release | March 02, 2015

The Molex MediSpec Plastic Circular System is an economical, custom-off-the-shelf interconnect system with a 10,000-cycle durability rating.

Molex Incorporated
Molex MediSpec Medical Plastic Circular System
introduced the MediSpec Medical Plastic Circular (MPC) Interconnect System, an economical custom-off-the-shelf interconnect system that delivers high mating cycles and low mating forces, at a fraction of the cost of competing machined-contact systems. Combining premium performance and ease-of-use, MediSpec MPC interconnects incorporate proven cost-effective technology to meet the stringent standards of medical device users.

“Recent healthcare reform bills have created an environment where medical equipment manufacturers are being driven to reduce costs without sacrificing reliability,” said Jeff Gaumer, new product development manager, Molex. “The MediSpec MPC Connector System solves this dichotomy, providing a high-performance and affordable alternative to typical medical circular connectors in a cost-effective, commercial-product, custom-off-the-shelf design.”

The MPC system employs the proven LFH stamped-and-formed contact system, which helps ensure a reliable electrical interface for applications requiring multiple insertions.  This cost-efficient system achieves low insertion and withdrawal forces with a 10,000-cycle durability rating. The simple, push-pull engagement mechanism provides ease-of-use – even with surgical gloves. An optional locking sleeve is also available to ensure the cable’s un-mating force complies with ANSI/AAMI-EC53 specification (>90N); without the locking sleeve, the cable achieves between 15 and 20N un-mating force.

The contact interface (pin field) for both the plugs and receptacles are factory-sealed to prevent ingress of flux into the contact zone during wire termination processes, as well as prevent ingress through the pin field during field use.

Four diameters are in development to address a full range of medical equipment applications for the OEM: D1 (up to eight contacts); D2 (up to 17 contacts); D3 (up to 35 contacts); and D4 (up to 59 contacts); plus four keying positions and six colors. Molex offers a selective pin-count capability with each diameter interface to enable contact-usage flexibility without wasted pins. An additional IP64-rated sealing option is available to provide protection to a splash-proof specification.

“The modular design of the MediSpec MPC Connector System is designed to accommodate inserts for future applications including fiber optics, RF, power, fluid, and air couplings,” said Gaumer. “This provides medical OEMs with a cost-competitive, semi-customized connector with excellent contact performance, specifically for hybrid alternatives. Additionally, by providing custom cable assemblies, Molex provides a complete solution.”

News Release
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