Molex Avikrimp and VersaKrimp Ring Terminals Now in a Full Range of Metric Sizes

By Cable Assembly Supplier | August 09, 2013

Molex Avikrimp and VersaKrimp Ring Terminals Now in a Full Range of Metric Sizes

Molex Incorporated introduced metric sizes to its seamless-barrel insulated Avikrimp and un-insulated VersaKrimp ring terminals, which enable universal use with metric-size studs and screws up to 10mm in diameter and wire sizes up to 6mm2. They are ideal for terminating to metric screws or threaded posts and can be used in solderless wiring applications in the industrial, automotive, and consumer industries. The metric ring terminals provide the same features and benefits as the traditional insulated Avikrimp and un-insulated VersaKrimp solderless ring terminals, including enhanced current-carrying capability and increased reliability.

“Molex is introducing its metric ring terminals to meet the demand from customers that use metric screw or stud sizes and are looking for a wider range of options that provide a more precise fit,” said Chip Walsh, product manager, Molex. “Many suppliers only offer rings in ASME/ASTM standard sizes and imperial/US customary unit dimensions or in a limited amount of metric sizes.”

The metric ring terminals from Molex meet UL requirements only when crimped using Molex recommended tooling, although they may be crimped with a variety of industry-standard tooling. All of the terminals are constructed of high-quality, oxygen-free copper with tin plating to protect against oxidation and ensure a highly conductive and reliable crimp.

The un-insulated VersaKrimp rings feature a brazed seam to create a seamless barrel that eliminates the need for proper orientation during crimping and permits 360° of rotation in the crimp jaws for faster and more reliable crimping. The Avikrimp style rings are pre-insulated with nylon on the barrel to prevent arcing between adjacent terminals when on a barrier strip terminal block. The barrels have tin-plated brass ferrules, which allow for both a conductor and insulation crimp (strain relief) to provide optimum vibration resistance and fulfill TUV, VDE, IEC, and DIN performance requirements. The Avikrimp also permits 360° of rotation in the crimp jaws.

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