Megger Handheld TDR with 2 ns Pulse Width

By Cable Assembly Supplier | May 09, 2013

Megger handheld TDR with 2 ns pulse width eliminates dead zones.

Megger TDR CFL510CMegger now offers a handheld time domain reflectometer (TDR) featuring a 2 ns pulse width that virtually eliminates dead zones. The CFL510G accurately locates faults less than three feet from the point of connection.

Designed for use by lineman in the communication and power industries on all metallic pairs, including twisted pair copper and coax cable, the CFL510G is ideal for CATV/cellular, power, and telephony applications. The new TDR provides fast and accurate results when uncovering transmission-related problems, testing the physical integrity of cables within a network as well as identifying faults on secondary power cables.

Incorporated into the CFL510G is an auto set-up feature that determines the impedance of the cable under test, sets the instrument accordingly, and selects the optimum gain and pulse width chosen by the operator. This aspect makes it simple to obtain good results even for the most inexperienced user.

Megger’s new TDR includes dual cursors for pinpointing faults and a unique trace “hold” feature used for comparison between cables. A large, high-resolution backlit display comes standard on the CFL510G, making it easy to analyze the traces and accurately position the cursors.

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