Updated: March 17th, 2014

Harwin New Datamate Options for small space

Harwin Datamate Connector FamilyHarwin has increased the flexibility of its industry-recognized 2mm pitch Datamate hi-rel connector family with new versions. The company now offers its single-in-line, surface-mount version in vertical configuration, while the recently announced extra-small bore product is now available with jack screws for extra mating security.

The vertical SIL Datamate connectors will suit any application where PCB space is at a premium. Devices come with three mating options: friction latch, locking latch, or without latches. Harwin launched its 28-32 AWG extra-small bore contact last year targeting avionics, aerospace, industrial, and robotic applications. The addition of jack screws ensures contact is maintained even in environments that are subject to severe shock and vibration.

“We are constantly evaluating and enhancing our Datamate connector family in line with changing industry demands and requirements,” said Graham Cunningham, product manager. “Our aim is to deliver industry’s most flexible interconnection system for high-performance applications while ensuring that our products are cost-effective for industrial users.”