HARTING Han PushPull Signal Connector Takes 5A Power Contacts

By Connector Supplier | November 18, 2013

November 2013

Harting-Han-PushPull-signal-connectorHARTING Han PushPull Signal Connector

The Han PushPull Signal connector from HARTING is a combined power and data connector with a current rating of 5A on each of 10 contacts. It is for use with conductors with wiring gauges of up to 0.75 mm².

For EMC interference immunity, the contact inserts are fully screened, as they are with RJ45 data connectors, and screened cables can be connected. Push-pull locking is incorporated for reliable and intuitive connection, and locking is indicated by an audible click. The PushPull signal connector can also be used for hybrid applications, with one part of a connector face used for energy transmission and other contacts available for communication signals. PushPull signal connectors are available in the PushPull 14 and 4 version series in accordance with IEC 61076-6-107.

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