GradConn Offers Custom Board-to-Board Connectors

By Connector Supplier | May 07, 2013

GradConn Offers Custom Board-to-Board Connectors

GradConn offers a bespoke board-to-board connector service. With vast experience in offering custom products, GradConn has the skills and staff to turn design concepts into reality.

Options include:Custom PCB header lead lengths

  • Custom SMT lead lengths
  • Blanked socket cavities and headers with missing pins
  • Non-standard height insulators
  • Kinked or bladed pins
  • Selectively longer pins
  • Angled header pins
  • Non-standard pitch spacing

GradConn also offers a fully bespoke connector design service, with fast turnaround at both the engineering design stage and tooling construction stage. Its component minimums, pricing, tooling costs, and project volume thresholds are extremely competitive. Customers can upload sketches, drawings, and 3D models at the company’s website.

Visit GradConn online.

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