Free Webinar: An Easy Roadmap to Understanding Connector Certification Levels

By Connector Supplier | November 13, 2016

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ULDelivering the right connector solution for products and systems can mean success for you and your customers by expanding the available connector options through certification. The options provide additional end product value by streamlining the certification process, providing cost effective solutions and reducing time to market. There are now connector certification solutions for both the U.S. market as well as global options that can be your roadmap to open up new opportunities and markets.

This educational webinar will provide insight into the connector certification levels available for the U.S. market. We will review why the certifications allowed by UL 1977, UL Subject 2237 and UL 2238 provide an increase in available connector options and a reduction in product testing and costs. The webinar will include a comparison of the standards and how the certifications achieved from each standard can provide additional product selections and increase end product applications for connector manufacturers.

It’s also important that end product manufacturers and system integrators understand the varying certification levels and how this can benefit end product certification. These may include streamlined certification, cost effective solutions and shorter time to market. The webinar will review the impact of selecting the connector components based on certification of the products, with a goal of meeting the demanding cost and performance needs of the end application.

The webinar will wrap up with a discussion on global certification options for connectors, including Canada and international considerations. We will cover CSA C22.2 No. 182.3-16 and IEC 61984:2008 and how certification to these standards can allow access to global markets.


Upon completion of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Define the certification options for connector components
  • Outline the differences between UL 1977, UL Subject 2237 and UL 2238
  • Discuss criteria for selecting connector components based on certification
  • Define streamlined certification; cost-effective and shorter time to market benefits of the certification options for end product manufacturers and system integrators

Target Audience

  • Connector product designers
  • End product designers
  • Certification managers and engineers
  • Safety engineers
  • System integrators


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About the Instructor
Chuck Kurten, PDE

Charles KurtenCharles (Chuck) Kurten is the Principal Engineer (PDE) for Wiring Devices and Components at UL. He is a member of both domestic and international wiring device technical committees, including those of UL, NFPA (Principal member Panel 18), CSA, CANENA, NEMA, IEC (Chair of SC 23G), IECEE CB CTL Task Force Expert and International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI). He holds an A.S. in engineering science, B.S. in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

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