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Facts & Figures: European Customers Choose Best Suppliers

By Connector Supplier | September 15, 2015

In the second of two articles, we reveal the top connector companies for delivery, price, and service, according to Bishop & Associates’ annual European Customer Survey.


Bishop & Associates just completed its annual survey of the European connector industry, in which it asked customers about their level of satisfaction with the service and capabilities of 44 connector companies.

Customers were asked 20 questions about such subjects as product quality, delivery, prices, lead times, technical support, etc.

Evaluation Methodology

The questionnaire was designed to allow the respondents to check a box to indicate the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a particular vendor. Bishop & Associates then assigned a numerical value to each evaluation as shown in the following table. This evaluation methodology applies to questions 1-12 on the questionnaire.


Using this methodology, a score of 3.500 or lower indicates a degree of dissatisfaction. Scores above 3.500 indicate a degree of satisfaction.

Survey Responses

Bishop & Associates received 316 completed questionnaires.

The number of responses by industry and job function is shown in the following table:


The following tables show the results for specific areas of performance on which customers gave feedback.

 On-Time Delivery

Customers were asked, “What is your level of satisfaction with performance in meeting the promised delivery date?”


Price Competitiveness – Top 10

Customers were asked, “What is your level of satisfaction with price competitiveness?”


Technical Support and Expertise – Top 10

 Customers were asked, “What is your level of satisfaction with technical support and expertise?”


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