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Facts & Figures: Customer Evaluation of Electronic Distributors

By Connector Supplier | June 22, 2015

Bishop & Associates has wrapped up its 2015 customer survey of electronic distributors. In the first of two articles, we reveal the distributors rated best in breadth of product, support, ease of doing business, and delivery.


Bishop & Associates just concluded its annual survey of electronic distributors in which it asked connector and cable assembly users to share their opinions on how the distribution industry and individual distributors are meeting their needs.

This year, 1,316 distribution customers evaluated 12 distributors on seven major questions. The following tables provide the demographics of the people that answered the survey.


Survey Questions

We chose seven key issues we believed are most important to companies that purchase and use connectors in their products.

For each of the following considerations we asked, “What is your level of satisfaction with the distributor?”

  • Breadth of product offering
  • Sales and technical support
  • Ease of doing business
  • On-time delivery and product availability
  • Usefulness of website
  • Price competitiveness

We also asked, “Which distributor do you prefer over the others?” Only one company could be chosen.

Participants could choose one of the following responses (the value placed on the response follows in parentheses):

  • Extremely satisfied (6)
  • Very satisfied (5)
  • Satisfied (4)
  • Dissatisfied (3)
  • Very dissatisfied (2)
  • Extremely dissatisfied (1)
  • Not applicable (0)

A score of 3.500 or above indicates a degree of satisfaction. A score below 3.500 indicates a degree of dissatisfaction.

The following distributors were included as answer options in the questionnaire:

  • Arrow Electronics
  • Avnet Inc.
  • Digi-Key Corporation
  • Future Electronics
  • Heilind Electronics
  • Master Electronics
  • Mouser Electronics
  • Newark/Farnell
  • PEI-Genesis
  • Powell Electronics
  • RS Components/Allied Electronics
  • TTI Inc.

The following table shows the averages of all responses on all questions for all the companies included in the survey. In effect, this is an evaluation of the overall industry. The industry average is 4.521, which means that customers believe the distribution industry provides very satisfactory service.

Industry Performance Average of All Responses

As noted in the table below, Heilind is ranked in first place for the best product offering; Digi-Key was second and TTI was third.

Breadth of Product Offering Line CardBreadth of distributor product card

Heilind was chose first for sales and technical support; TTI was ranked second and Digi-Key was ranked third.

Sales and Technical SupportSales and technical support 2015 distributor survey

Heilind was chosen as the easiest company with which to do business; TTI came in second and Digi-Key was third.

Ease of Doing BusinessEase of doing business 2015 distributor survey

Heilind was ranked first for on-time delivery, followed by Digi-Key and then Mouser.

On-time Delivery/AvailabilityOn-time delivery 2015 distributor survey

In our next issue, we’ll reveal which distributor was chosen as best overall by its customers.

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