ETCO EDGE Wire Terminating Applicator

By News Release | March 10, 2014

The ETCO EDGE wire terminating applicator is customizable and durable enough for the rugged conditions experienced by wiring harness manufacturers.

Kerite High-Voltage Shielded Power CableETCO Incorporated launched the EDGE Applicator wire termination product. The new wire termination applicators offer competitive pricing while leveraging years of expertise to create a durable product. The EDGE Applicator is highly customizable and is manufactured for the rugged conditions experienced by wiring harness manufacturers. The EDGE Applicator comes with interchangeable parts, better terminal placement, and precision for optimal wire crimps.

The modular nature of the applicator allows for shorter lead times for wiring harness manufacturers due to modular parts and easy swap-outs. ETCO engineers also added precise crimp height features to increase the accuracy of terminal crimps based on operator settings.

ETCO tested the new EDGE applicator more than two million times during a six-month period. The applicators never broke down and required very little maintenance. ETCO engineers’ primary concern was creating a product that was easy to implement in a variety of wire harnessing conditions while also keeping an eye on cost.

Tooling costs for the EDGE applicator over the life of usage were a major consideration and ETCO sought to reduce the cost of ownership over the long term.

The EDGE applicator is available in a variety of configurations for manufacturer pricing flexibility. “These applicators are created with wiring harness manufacturer needs squarely as our focus,” said ETCO’s Director of Marketing Sam Francois. “Pricing, quality, and one of the best warranties in this industry make the EDGE applicator a top product for wire termination applications.”

News Release
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