Edge Card Product Roundup  

By AJ Born | June 04, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights edge-card connectors from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.

Edge card connectors

KYOCERA AVX’s 9159-650 series of edge card connectorsKYOCERA AVX’s 9159-650 series of edge card connectors provides a one-piece, board-to-board solution for use in datacom applications for a broad range of markets. These edge-card connectors are designed with gold-plated beryllium copper contacts for enhanced reliability and signal integrity, and feature 1.6 mm thickness and gold-plated pads. The staggered dual row contacts allow double the number of positions without compromising space on the board and allow designers to populate both sides of the mating PCB.

The SM3 Series from JAEThe SM3 Series from JAE is a PCI-SIG PCI Express M.2 Specification compatible, card-edge connector into which multiple modules equipped on PCs such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SSD, and others can be inserted. This compact card-edge connector has 0.5 mm pitch (2 row) and 67 positions. Products with 4.1 mm product height can mount 1 mm height parts on the bottom side of the module. Choose from three on-board types of different product heights and two mid-mount types. Four polarizing keys are available to provide compatibility with multiple modules and different applications.

Eclipta from Smiths InterconnectEclipta from Smiths Interconnect features easy assembly and a high-density interconnect design. It’s ideal for use with mapping and ablation catheters, RF generators, home healthcare devices, and value and disposable medical devices. Eclipta’s edge-card contact module, in the reusable connector body, is designed for high mating cycles, providing reliable connection over the life of a reusable device.

Samtec’s HSEC8Samtec’s HSEC8 is a high-speed edge card socket with rugged Edge Rate contacts on a micro 0.80 mm pitch. It is rated at 56 Gb/s PAM4. The Edge Rate contact system is designed for high-speed, high-cycle applications. The surface of the contact is milled, creating a smooth mating surface area instead of a stamped contact that mates on a cut edge. This smooth mating surface reduces the wear tracks on the contact, increasing the durability and cycle life of the contact system.  It also lowers insertion and withdrawal forces, allowing the connectors to be zippered when unmating. HSEC8 is available in single-ended and differential pair configurations, and in vertical, right-angle, and edge-mount designs. It accepts 1.60 mm (.062”) thick PCBs, is available with optional weld tabs for mechanical strength, and with optional board locks and cable latching features.

The Eaton Viking low profile .100” contact center connectors, supplied by CDM ElectronicsThe Eaton Viking low profile .100” contact center connectors, supplied by CDM Electronics, accept 1/16” PCBs. All popular sizes from 6 to 50 positions are available with either pierced eyelet or dip solder terminations. The termination row spacing is .145”. Bifurcated, full-bellows contacts give the best performance in conditions of repeated insertions and withdrawal of the PCB. The variety of possible material combinations allows engineers to choose on performance or cost savings.

Mini Cool Edge from Amphenol Communications SolutionsMini Cool Edge from Amphenol Communications Solutions is a 0.60 mm high-density, high-speed card edge connector for new-generation small form factor systems. This fine-pitch solution offers multiple BTB applications like right angle, mezzanine, and coplanar connectors. Cable options are available for a complete interconnect solution. Mini Cool Edge 0.60 mm meets EDSFF, SFF-TA-1002 (1006/1007/1008/1020/1021), OCP NIC 3.0, Gen Z, and JEDEC specifications. Applications include solid state drive (SSD), network interface card (NIC), riser card, and other specific module cards. Vertical, right angle, straddle mount, and orthogonal connector options with high-speed cable are available. High-speed 64GT/s can upgrade to 112GT/s PAM4.

EDAC’s edge card connectorsEDAC’s edge card connectors are highly versatile and customizable, offering over 460,000 standard styles with various contact spacings, termination options, and mounting styles. These connectors support numerous applications, including power supplies, storage devices, and industrial controls. EDAC emphasized flexibility, allowing customers to tailor connectors to specific needs, with options for different contact plating, insulator colors, and high-temperature insulators. 

ept’s EC.8 edge card SMT connectors ept’s EC.8 edge card SMT connectors are built for the needs of high speed, with data transmission rates of up to 30 Gb/s and beyond. The EC.8’s streamlined component design needs shorter and fewer transfer path changes, supporting the most demanding requirements for transfer speeds. The design includes protected pin tips to allow for a blunt card and stub-free mating. These edge card connectors can tolerate an offset of 0.6 mm in the longitudinal axis and 0.7 mm in the transversal axis during insertion. Consider the EC.8 for demanding applications where signal integrity is critical, such as embedded computing, industrial automation, datacom, and cloud computing.

ATTEND's M.2 next-generation form factor (NGFF) connectorATTEND’s M.2 next-generation form factor (NGFF) connector is designed for ultra-thin products and offers significant PCB space savings over mini PCIe connectors. This compact connector enables high-speed data transmission with PCI Express 3.0, SATA 3.0, and USB 3.0 while meeting PCI-SIG PCIe M.2 specifications. The easy-to-use one-action latch minimizes time and cost. The M.2 NGFF series, an evolution from mini and half-mini cards, is optimal for slender platforms, accommodating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless WAN, and SSD devices while boosting PCIe Gen 3, SATA 3, SATA I/O, and USB 3.0 performance.

The edge-card connector from GreenconnThe edge-card connector from Greenconn has a sleek and low-profile design, offering effortless integration into compact systems, seamless performance, and maximum efficiency. Its robust construction, which can be configured to include gold-plated contacts, provides excellent wear resistance and long-term reliability, even in the most rigorous of data communication settings. Available in an extensive array of configurations, Greenconn’s edge-card connectors also offer a high-density and durable solution customizable to meet specific requirements.

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