The Chip Meets the Board at DESIGNCON 2014

By Connector Supplier | September 16, 2013

DESIGNCON 2014 Registration Opens

DesignCon 2014, which will take place in Santa Clara, Calif., January 28-31, is now open for registration.  Hosted by UBM Tech, the 14-track technical DesignCon conference program will include more than 120 in-depth tutorials, technical paper sessions, and panel discussions. Additionally, the two-day DesignCon 2014 Expo will feature more than 140 exhibitors offering chip, board, and systems design engineers and engineering managers a unique opportunity to learn about and evaluate the latest technologies and solutions, engage with new and current vendors, and network with influential industry contacts.

“DesignCon was created by engineers for engineers and remains the premier educational conference and technology exhibition for semiconductor and electronic design engineers,” said Patrick Mannion, content director at UBM Tech. “The combination of technical paper sessions, tutorials, industry panels, product demos, and exhibits at DesignCon creates a unique atmosphere for learning about state-of-the-art electronic design methodologies and technologies.”

DesignCon 2014 tutorials and technical paper sessions will focus on the pervasive nature of signal integrity at all levels of electronic design. Consequently, all presentations will be categorized under the following 14 conference tracks:

1.     Optimize Chip-Level Designs for Signal & Power Integrity

2.     Overcome Analog & Mixed-Signal Design & Verification Challenges

3.     Wireless & Photonic Design & Integration

4.     Optimize System Co-Design: Chip/Package/Board

5.     Characterize PCB Materials & Processing Characterization

6.     Apply PCB Design Tools & Methodologies

7.     Design Parallel & Memory Interfaces

8.     Optimize High-Speed Serial Design

9.     Detect & Mitigate Jitter, Crosstalk & Noise

10.  Leverage High-Speed Signal Processing for Equalization & Coding

11.  Ensure Power Integrity in Power Distribution Networks

12.  Achieve Electromagnetic Compatibility & Mitigate Interference

13.  Apply Test & Measurement Methodology

14.  Ensure Signal Integrity with RF/Microwave/EM Analysis Techniques

Visit DesignCon online.

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