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  • AOC/DAC/ACC Product Roundup

    This week’s Product Roundup highlights AOC/DAC/ACC assemblies from leading suppliers. AOC/DAC/ACC Avnet supplies 3M’s Twin Axial PCIe Extender Assemblies for PCIe 4.0 applications. This family of cable assemblies includes X8 and X16 connectors utilizing 3M Low Loss Twin Axial Cable 85 ohm, 31 AWG, which is ideal for PCIe applications. With their extremely tight bendRead More

  • May 2023 Connector Industry News

    Upcoming industry events, as well as recent award, partnership, promotion, personnel, facility, distribution, standards, association, and certification news from across the connector industry. May 2023 Connector Industry News > Event News The HARTING charging cable used in Volkswagen electric vehicles (EVs) contributed to driver Rainer Zietlow’s most recent record-breaking achievement. Zietlow, who holds multiple GuinnessRead More

News Releases

HARTING wins Manufacturing Excellence Award

HARTING Electronics won the “Manufacturing Excellence (MX) Award.” The company belonging to the Espelkamp-based HARTING Technology Group was recognized in the information technology category for its highly effective deployment of state-of-the-art IT structures in production and supply chain management. An intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) system and a universal enterprise resource planning (ERP) system areRead More

Molex Expedites Orders of Optical Quick-Turn Line Cable Assemblies

Molex Expedites Orders of Optical Quick-Turn Line Cable Assemblies Molex recently expanded support to data and telecommunications networking customers with the addition of Quick-Turn Line (QTL) Cable Assemblies, providing rapid order processing and shipping on custom length optical cable assemblies. The QTL assemblies will shorten lead times for customers requiring small- to medium-sized orders ofRead More

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