Bayonet Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | March 14, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights bayonet connectors from leading suppliers.

Bayonet connectors

Teledyne Reynolds’ 1807 high-voltage connectors Teledyne Reynolds’ 1807 high-voltage connectors come in shielded and non-shielded configurations with either bayonet or threaded coupling nuts. Plug kits are available for customer-fabricated cable assemblies using the company’s specified wire. Teledyne Reynolds leads the connector industry worldwide in the design of high-voltage connectors and cable assemblies rated for use at voltages from 5 kVDC to 50 kVDC at altitudes of 70,000 feet (21.34 km) and above while exposed to temperatures as low as -55 °C and up to 125 °C.

CDM Electronics military connectorsCDM Electronics, the premier QPL’d value-added assembler and distributor for Corsair, offers its full lines of MIL-DTL-5015, and MIL-DTL-26482 series products. Both series utilize rear release contact retention, in various shell sizes, and a variety of insert arrangements and contact sizes. Corsair also manufacturers aircraft external power receptacles which meet QPL requirements for MS90362 and MS3506-1. Features include a bayonet coupling mechanism, 9 shell sizes (8 to 24) in 49 insert arrangements utilizing contact sizes 20, 16, and 12 gage crimp contacts per MIL-C-39029; and polarization by insert rotation, per MIL-STD-1669. The operating temperature range is -55 ºC to 200 ºC. They use high reliability metal contact retention clips. Cannon’s CA Bayonet is a versatile and extremely reliable connector series with a proven “reverse bayonet” coupling design that offers exceptional vibration protection. Designed to VG95234 spec, it is ideal for a wide variety of application areas and is available in a number RoHS-compliant plating options. The CA Bayonet features rapid mating and unmating by a positive quarter-turn bayonet locking mechanism, IP67/68/69k environmental resistance, and an extensive variety of contact arrangements (approx. 180 layouts). It is shock and vibration proof and solvent resistant (per VG 95234 testing determinations).

COAX Connector’s BNC 75 ohm straight crimp/crimp plugCOAX Connector’s BNC 75 ohm straight crimp/crimp plug, for applications up to 3GHz, has an IP68 sealed interface to provide waterproofing in mated and unmated states. The standard 75 ohm interface allows this connector to be mated with any BNC jack and will be sealed even with a standard jack. An adhesive lined heat shrink sleeve is included to seal the cable entry. Contact and crimp sleeve are annealed to provide a robust and durable termination, center contact is gold plated. The BNC 75 ohm is suitable for RG59 or similar cables in group AI. Other cable versions are available on request. BNC connectors feature a simple bayonet coupling requiring only a quarter turn to connect or disconnect. The easy-to-use coupling makes BNC one of the most popular general purpose connectors used in all markets. Typical applications are broadcast, including Ultra High Definition (4K), telecom, instrumentation, security, mil/aero, and many others.

BOA connector from Smiths InterconnectThe BOA connector from Smiths Interconnect is specifically designed for the compact size and the advanced technical features of the rail balise system. BOA ensures reliable signal integrity and perfect transmission of data between the rail track and the train borne equipment, which is key for the performance of the balise system. The vibration tests are compliant to IS-402 and the connector complies to VG95234, MIL-C-5015, and MIL-C-26482 normative. The bayonet locking system provides easy maintenance and download/upload of data into and from the balise. Excellent data transmission and reliable signal integrity is achieved with the use of the Hypertac Hyperboloid contact. Anti-tampering configurations are available to avoid sabotage. Special alloys and conductive plating resist harsh environment conditions along railway tracks. It features a self-extinguishing or not flammable insulator and is smoke-halogen free with high dielectric withstanding voltage. It has IP67 protection and is saltwater mist tested, with vibration tests compliant to MIL-STD-1344 method 2004 cond. III.

SV Microwave has released seven new secure locking QuarterBack RF cable assembliesSV Microwave has released seven new secure locking QuarterBack RF cable assemblies in the SMPM series. This product line utilizes a quarter-turn bayonet-style coupling nut with a locking feature for standard female and male bulkhead SMPM interfaces. All SV QuarterBack products are ideal for high vibration and test applications that require a large number of mating cycles. Features include low VSWR through 65 GHz (SMPM), low insertion/extraction forces, compared to standard full detent SMPM (means less torque on board mount connector solder joints during mating and demating), and spring-loaded positive mating feature for excellent electrical performance even in extreme vibration environments.

The Pegasus Series is Amphenol Pcd’s latest innovationThe Pegasus Series is Amphenol Pcd’s latest innovation in small, lightweight, rugged connectors. Designed for use in harsh environments, Pegasus builds on the successful Luminus Aerospace connector with the addition of EMI shielding. EMI shielding is provided by electroless copper and nickel plate, with a copper alloy spring finger gasket to ensure shell to shell conductivity. Tests show between 60db and 40db of attenuation, depending on frequency. This combination of light weight, small size, and EMI shielding makes Pegasus the ideal choice where protection against ambient noise transients or suppression of emitted noise is required, and space and weight are at a premium. Pegasus features a quarter-turn bayonet style connection, efficient wire installation and maintenance, and interfacial and triple-barrier seals. Many sizes, colors, and configurations are available. Enables environmental sealing (IP 67 rating).

Greene Tweed’s Seal-Connect fiber optic portfolioGreene Tweed’s Seal-Connect fiber optic portfolio includes the ST DRY HP Series Connector designed for reliable performance in extreme environments. This ST connector series features a universal bayonet twist-lock connection combined with a precision-machined zirconia ferrule/alignment sleeve, ensuring perfectly reproducible termini alignment every time. When mated with an ST adapter or permanent bulkhead feedthrough, the result is a hermetically sealed connection protected from wet environments and particulates that can irreversibly degrade optical fiber. The ST DRY HP Series is intended for harsh environments, such as unmanned underwater vehicles, where assemblies are likely to be submerged in water or subjected to rain, ice, high humidity, or temperatures from -55 °C to 85 °C (-67 °F to 185 °F), while maintaining signal clarity and minimal light loss less than 0.5 dB.

JK06 Series from JAEThe JK06 Series from JAE is a waterproof circular connector developed for railway vehicles and related electronic equipment worldwide. It is designed in accordance with the VG95234 specifications and is also compliant with NFF61-030 (French standard for rolling stock) and EN50467 (European standard for railway applications, rolling stock). The JK06 Series is also suited for use in other industrial equipment applications that require a rugged and secure connection. The protection rating for the JK06 is IP67 equivalent when mated (no inundation when underwater 1m for 24 hours).

PEI-Genesis supplies ITT Cannon’s CA-Bayonet connectors (CA-B / CB)PEI-Genesis supplies ITT Cannon’s CA-Bayonet connectors (CA-B / CB), derived from MIL-DTL-5015 standards. These connectors use an improved, 3-point reverse-bayonet locking system that is VG95234 approved. With the enhanced coupling system, CA-B / CB connectors offer exceptional shock and vibration resistance for military systems/ground vehicles, heavy equipment, industrial equipment, and rail applications. In addition to over 140 arrangements, 12 connector sizes available for 1 to 65 circuits, and diverse accessory options, the CA Bayonet series offers a wide range of plating. From VG approved cadmium and black ZnCo to ITT’s RoHS & REACH compliant ZnNi Blue Generation plating, which offers 500 hours of salt spray resistance, this makes ITT Cannon’s CA Bayonet series one of the most versatile, high-reliability connector series on the market.

Kensington Electronics supplies CONEC IP67 Power Bayonet ConnectorsKensington Electronics supplies CONEC IP67 Power Bayonet Connectors that offer a quick, simple, and robust connection in harsh environments. The connectors with bayonet locking are designed for industrial cable connections with IP67 protection, available in 2- and 3-position versions. The 2-position components are mainly designed for DC use up to 48 VDC maximum. The 3-position connectors feature a premating contact for AC up to 250 VAC maximum with a protective earth contact (PE). The shape and panel cut-outs accommodate the existing IP67 series for RJ45, USB 2.0, and Fiber Optic LC Duplex.

Amphenol Industrial PT 26482 Series 1 Connectors, supplied by AvnetAmphenol Industrial PT 26482 Series 1 Connectors, supplied by Avnet, are miniature cylindrical connectors offering twice the number of contacts in half the size of a standard connector. These miniature bayonet connectors are available in solder contact, high performance crimp, and commercial crimp versions. Both the solder contact and high performance crimp versions meet all MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 requirements.


TTI-TE-MicrodotTTI Inc. supplies Microdot high density, lightweight multi-pin circular connectors from TE Connectivity. These advanced connectors are suited to applications where many conductors must be accommodated in a minimum of space with minimum weight. All series of connectors feature a crimp contact retention method, requiring no insertion or removal tools. The MARC 63 is Microdot’s Bayonet Coupling Series and accommodates all insert patterns and layouts available in the MARC 43, MARC 53, and RMD Series.

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