Battery Electric Vehicle Architectures 2023 – June 20-21, Detroit, Michigan 

By Connector Supplier | May 30, 2023

BEVA trade showThe North American BEV industry is at a crossroads, facing challenges such as inc reasing costs and limitations in the availability of raw materials, as well as the emergence of competing technologies. These challenges are compounded by consumer concerns surrounding range and cost. Companies offering products with less than 250 miles of range are not meeting the market’s needs, so cost-effective solutions must be found to address range anxiety.  

Coming to Detroit this June, the latest instalment of the Battery Electric Vehicle Architecture USA (BEVA USA) series will once again bring together the industry’s leading OEMs and supply chain professionals to discuss such pressing issues, and potential solutions, in the BEV industry including   

  • Madhusudan Raghavan, Group Manager, Battery and System Architecture, General Motors R&D  
  • William Braff, Director of Advanced Engineering Systems, Lucid Motors
    Trevor Wilcox, Electrical Engineering Specialist High Voltage Battery Expert, Volkswagen of America 
  • Amit Ranjan, Engineering Manager – Battery Manufacturing, Canoo  
  • David Weir, Senior Manager Vehicle Structural Integration and Battery Frames, Jaguar Land Rover 

Engineering Best Strategy for BEVs 

This year’s conference is designed to provide a realistic and actionable approach to finding answers. Our program will feature a balanced mix of technical and strategic topics, showcasing breakthroughs and best practices to help OEMs lower costs and improve overall performance.      

Join the industry this June to explore the future direction of BEV architecture and the potential role of fuel cells in extending range through hybrid models.  Additionally, the conference will delve into optimizing battery integration and thermal management, featuring evaluations of multiple solutions, including solid-state batteries and integration of batteries into the vehicle structure.  

Prioritizing New Technologies That Make A Difference 

Battery management systems will also be a focus, with discussions on the latest interfacing with power electronics, machine learning, and AI algorithms, as well as integrating with high voltage systems for faster charging. The event will also examine the crucial link between design and manufacturing, and the practical considerations for scaling up each technical solution. 

Implementing Best Practice Technical Advances 

The conference will also examine the architectural and thermal management considerations of new integration approaches, focusing on reducing overall system costs through miniaturization and multifunctional components and showcase the latest innovations in battery performance and efficiency, emphasizing the importance of safety. 

Find out more about agenda on the conference website. 

Press and booking enquiries please contact Louise Gosling – [email protected] 

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