AVX Offers Lowest-Profile Poke-Home Connector

By News Release | April 06, 2015

AVX introduced the lowest-profile, poke-home connector for a broad range of harsh industrial, commercial, and medical applications. 

AVX CorporationAVX 9296 Low Profile Horizontal PH Connector introduced the lowest-profile poke-home connector currently available on the market. Featuring its industry-proven 2mm dual-beam, high spring-force, phosphor bronze poke-home contacts in a sleek 3.0mm pitch by 2.5mm high SMT package, the new horizontal 9296 Series connector is certified to UL 1977 and CAN/CSA C22.2 specifications. It accepts any combination of 20-26AWG solid or stranded wires and provides quick, reliable, and cost-effective wire-to-board termination in a broad range of harsh industrial, commercial, and medical applications.

Rated for 300V up to 8A and with operating temperatures spanning -40°C to +130°C, the new low-profile 9296 Series poke-home connectors, available in one to six positions, meet harsh industrial performance standards and provide maximum mechanical stability and wire retention while enabling simple strip-and-insert electrical connections and twist-and-pull wire extraction. The series is ideally suited for applications such as machine controls including motors, drives, solenoids, sensors, fans, and pumps; commercial building controls and security and fire sensors; medical equipment and sensors; smart grid meters, breakers, and panels; and SSL/LED bulbs, fixtures, signage, and streetlights.

“The new, low-profile 9296 Series horizontal SMT connector provides a robust wire-to-board solution that is ideally suited for an extremely broad range of applications, since nearly every product on the market has at least a small number of discrete wires connecting components to a PCB. Allowing for one to six positions and 20-26AWG solid or stranded wires, the new 9296 Series connector is exceptionally versatile, reliable, cost-effective, and termination-friendly, both in the factory and in the field,” said Tom Anderson, product manager at AVX.

The 9296 Series is more functional than the only directly competing connector on the market:

  • A height of 2.5mm versus 2.7mm
  • One to six positions versus one to three
  • Accepts 20–26AWG solid or stranded wire versus 22–26AWG solid
  • Current and voltage ratings up to 8A versus 3A

The RoHS-compliant 9296 Series horizontal SMT poke-home connector features a mechanical durability of three cycles and is supplied on tape-and-reel for single contact automated placement and SMT reflow.

News Release
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