API Technologies’ WIRELINE and WIREPAC Quadrature Couplers

By Cable Assembly Supplier | May 09, 2013

May 14, 2017

API Technologies’ WIRELINE and WIREPAC Quadrature CouplersAPI Technologies now offers design-patented WIRELINE and WIREPAC quadrature couplers.

WIRELINE and WIREPAC couplers consist of a pair of wire center conductors surrounded by a continuous dielectric insulator and shielded by a drawn or extruded outer jacket. The resultant construction has the physical attributes of semi-rigid coaxial cable and the electrical performance of a precision Transverse ElectroMagnetic (TEM) mode parallel-coupled line coupler.

“Developed and patented under one of API’s heritage brands, Sage Labs, these couplers offer independent quadrature output phases, low VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio), low insertion losses, and high directivity,” said Rebecca McCarron, API Technologies’ couplers product line manager. “In addition, these couplers feature flexibility, small surface volume, varied power handling, and the option of a narrow or octave band.”

WIRELINE is flexible and available in bulk (5-foot lengths) or cut and trimmed to customer specifications. It is RoHS-compliant for tin and bare finishes. WIREPAC is not flexible and offered in lengths up to 8” with square, round, or flanged jackets. Both products are ideally suited for commercial, aerospace, and industrial applications.

Bulk WIRELINE and custom orders for both cut and trimmed WIRELINE and WIREPAC are available through API’s franchised distributor CPN/Denelex.

Visit API online.

Visit CPN/Denelex online.

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