Alpha Wire’s Industrial Series V-Flex Flexible VFD Cable

By Cable Assembly Supplier | May 09, 2013

Alpha Wire’s Series is specifically designed to combat the problems of system performance and signal disruption

 V-Flex Flexible VFD Cable

When generic cables degrade over time, V-Flex keeps VFD systems running with required precision. With new levels of flexibility, it makes routing and installation fast and easy.

Series V-Flex features:

  • Rated for use at temperatures as low as -40°C
  • UL and CSA tray cable-approved
  • Sunlight resistance and excellent resistance to solvents and oils
  • TPE jacket
  • 5x static bend radius

Series V-Flex benefits:

  • Superior flexibility for easier routing and handling
  • Reduced chance of cable failure from voltage irregularities, such as harmonics, corona discharges, and power distortion
  • Low capacitance for improved signal transmission
  • Double-shielded for maximum EMI protection

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