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10 Most Stolen Vehicles List Gets Makeover

By News Release | August 28, 2013

10 Most Stolen Vehicles List Gets Makeover

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released an expanded, data-rich version of its popular Hot Wheels report – its list of the 10 most stolen vehicles in the United States. The report examines vehicle theft data submitted by law enforcement to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and determines the vehicle make, model, and model year most reported stolen in 2012.

A first-ever feature is also contained in the report: A look at the top 25 model year 2012 vehicles reported stolen in calendar year 2012. In previous Hot Wheels reports, rankings were determined based on the most stolen model year vehicle within each vehicle make and model. Only one make/model/year would appear on the top 10 list, even though other model years of the same vehicle would have earned a position on the list. This was done to offer a more varied list with significant theft numbers than to focus on just one or two makes year after year.

Beginning with this report, the top 10 most stolen cars will appear by make and model only with its corresponding theft total. Beneath the make and model will appear its various model years with their corresponding theft totals for 2012.

For 2012, the most stolen vehicles in the nation were:

1. Honda Accord (58,596)
2. Honda Civic (47,037)
3. Ford Pickup (full-size)(26,770)
4. Chevrolet Pickup (full-size)(23,745)
5. Toyota Camry (16,251)
6. Dodge Caravan (11,799)
7. Dodge Pickup (full-size)(11,755)
8. Acura Integra (9,555)
9. Nissan Altima (9,169)
10. Nissan Maxima (6,947)

Older Honda Accords and Civics were by far the most stolen models in 2012. The 1996 Accord led the list with 8,637 thefts. In fact, Accords and Civics account for the first 16 spots on the most stolen list and all are 1990-2000 models. By comparison, newer Hondas are rarely stolen, thanks to improved anti-theft technology.

For multimedia aspects of the report, visit the NICB online.


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