Fiberguide’s New FD-80 Laser Connectors Provide Unmatched Power Handling

By cs admin | August 30, 2012

August 2012—Fiberguide Industries’ new FD-80 high power keyed connector delivers unprecedented power handling up to 750 watts. The new assembly is designed for the demanding power requirements of industrial laser systems used for cutting, drilling, marking, and welding.

FD-80 connector assemblies are constructed from all silica optical fibers with core sizes from 100µm to 1500µm. An epoxy-free cantilevered nose design isolates fibers from the connector, allowing safe dissipation of thermal energy without burning the surrounding material. Connectors have a laser polished fiber face to promote better power transmission and reduce risk of damage to the end face.

Fiberguide’s connectors are available with anti-reflective coating and various sheathing options to best fit environmental conditions. Optional integrated mode stripping removes stray cladding power for systems requiring enhanced performance.

Visit Fiberguide online.

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