Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo Short List

By Cable Assembly Supplier | April 08, 2013

Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo Short List

Are you attending the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, Wis., on May 8 and 9? If so, be sure to stop by these booths and events so you don’t miss some of the hottest things happening this year.

Before you go: If you’re a first-timer, check out the YouTube video to learn more about what’s in store.

Heilind Electronics (Booth 1707) will feature the BT 3500 and Ocean Applicator from TE Connectivity and the TM-4000 Universal Crimp Press from Molex at its booth. TE Connectivity’s BT 3500 Hand Tool provides flexibility, modularity, and powered efficiency in a lightweight, ergonomic, powerful crimp unit, while the new Ocean Applicator features improved precision and reduced setup times. The Molex Tape Terminal Crimp Module and Tape Terminal Press will reduce tooling investments, lower setup times, and allow more production flexibility.

Komax (Booth 1127) will display its fully automatic crimping machines in addition to products and solutions from its two newly acquired companies, MCM Cosmic and TSK. MCM Cosmic provides entry-segment machines and coaxial cable processing applications to Komax’s product mix and TSK offers a diverse range of wire harness test systems.

Phoenix Contact (Booth 1817) will showcase numerous hand and semi-automatic bench tools used to cut, strip, and crimp conductors and cables for wire preparation. Also on display will be a full line of identification solutions, from heat-shrink tubing to self-laminating wire labels and more. Its thermal transfer printers and software are easy to use and save time and money over pre-printed solutions. Visitors can participate in live demonstrations.

Schleuniger (Booth 1735) will debut three new products at the show: The CoaxStrip 5200 coaxial cable stripper, the MegaStrip 9650 automatic cut and strip machine, and the SealLoad 3100 sealing station. In addition, Schleuniger will also demonstrate the Di.IT Cutting Area Optimization next-generation cutting area control software. Additionally, Schleuniger’s Gustavo Garcia-Cota, crimping product manager, will present “Crimp Force Monitoring: How to Detect Your Crimping Errors” on Thursday, May 9 at 10:30, which will focus on capabilities and benefits of crimp force monitoring; critical components in the process; common misconceptions; and troubleshooting.

Keith Nicholas, manager electrical controls for TE Connectivity (Booth 1719), will present “Get What You Expect by How You Inspect” on Wednesday, May 8 at 10:30. He will discuss variables influencing the crimping process, inspection standards, and various inspection methods in detail.

TTI (Booth 1148) will display the latest technologies from industry-leading suppliers like Delphi (including the former FCI MVL product lines), Molex, and TE, including several new lines of sealed and unsealed connectors and terminals for use in standard automotive, light, and commercial vehicle markets. These systems were designed around 0.64/1.2mm blades and engineered with innovative terminal and connector features to improve connection system vehicle warranty performance. These products incorporate industry standard housing footprints and terminal cavities, making them interchangeable with existing mating interfaces and terminal product offerings. In addition, TTI will also be displaying connection systems that have been specifically designed for higher voltage applications used on hybrid and electric vehicles.

Weidmuller (Booth 1603) will feature its new UL-approved wire end ferrules crimped with its hand tools and automated crimp machines, such as the pneumatic Crimpfix LS, which will be demonstrated at the booth.

If you’re not worn out from the Wire Processing Expo, your badge also gets you into the Electrical Manufacturing and Coil Winding Expo, so be sure to stop in and take a look.

If you need to take care of a little business or just rest your feet, be sure to visit the Business Center & Lounge located in the center of the Exposition Hall. It provides morning pastries and coffee and afternoon snacks and beverages. You can also enjoy a chair massage, make copies, or check the Internet. And don’t miss the after-hours VIP party on Wednesday, complete with live music and hors d’oeuvres, or the Bloody Mary Bar at 9 a.m. on Thursday.

Finally, if you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands, why not visit the Harley-Davidson Museum? You can take the Steel Toe or Back Roads tours, or for a little something extra, “Shop Class” lets you get your hands dirty on the factory floor.

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