Megger NET200 Network Cable Testing Unit

By Cable Assembly Supplier | April 03, 2013

Megger NET200 Network Cable Testing Unit

Megger now offers an all-in-one network testing unit that measures the logical network performance and physical condition of network cables. The easy-to-use NET200 allows network engineers to install and efficiently maintain local area networks (LANs) with 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX based on Ethernet protocols.

This new handheld instrument is designed to validate Ethernet network installations as well as to locate and track network cable faults. The NET200 features one of the longest testing distances, up to 3,275 feet, on the market.

The robust unit provides quick, accurate, and cost-effective testing while producing reliable information. It’s ideal for network cable installers, jobbing electricians, IT and network equipment distributors, and Ethernet cable manufacturers, as well as IT hardware installers, network hardware manufacturers, and data centers.

The NET200 uses round-trip time (RTT) testing to measure network speed under dynamic and static configuration protocols as well as IP scanning to show the information on all the terminals connected into the LAN. The unit also evaluates the capability of link connections, including their supported network speed and suitability for full- or half-duplex operation.

This versatile instrument provides important information for the LAN cable under test, including cable length, any short- or open-circuit faults, and a wire map showing open, short, split-crossed, or reversed connections.

The NET200 features a high-resolution graphic time-domain reflectometer (TDR) and time-domain crosstalk (TDX) that can be used with standard cables, coaxial cables for cable TV and HFC networks, as well as telephony cables.

The NET200 is housed in a durable ABS enclosure. The unit includes a serial communication port. It also features a graphic user interface that is displayed on a 128” x 64” LCD screen. Field engineers can easily perform required network testing, transfer stored data to their PCs, and print reports using the supplied NET200 emulation software.

The NET200 comes as a kit and includes a complete set of testing cables and adapters. It is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that typically provides six hours of operation between charges.

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