New Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Advances 400 Gb/s Copper Cable and Fiber Optic Transceiver Markets

By Cable Assembly Supplier | March 27, 2013

New Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Advances 400 Gb/s Copper Cable and Fiber Optic Transceiver Markets

Five leading global companies intend to enter into a multi-source agreement (MSA) to create the CDFP (400 Gb/s form-factor pluggable) industry consortium to define a transceiver module/plug mechanical form factor and a host-board electrical edge connector and cage. They are: Avago Technologies, Brocade Communications Systems, JDS Uniphase Corporation, Molex Incorporated, and TE Connectivity.

The new CDFP MSA is intended to specify and encourage the development and commercialization of a 400 Gb/s hot-pluggable module that integrates 16 transmit and 16 receive channels supporting passive and active copper cables, and active optical modules.

“This highly integrated transceiver module is expected to enable network equipment manufacturers to implement 400 Gb/s solutions with high port density and increased system data throughput,” said Scott Kipp, senior technologist, Brocade. “The MSA group intends to make specification details available to promote industry-wide adoption of compatible high density products.”

The CDFP MSA participants want to provide products that are mechanically and electrically interchangeable. The project scope will specify the electrical interfaces, optical interfaces, and mechanical interfaces, which may include optical connector and mating fiber optic cable plug, electrical connector, guide rail, front panel, and host PCB layout requirements. Additionally, the MSA specification is expected to include thermal, electromagnetic, and electrostatic discharge design recommendations.

“The collaboration is committed to enhancing customer choice and assuring interoperation and interchangeability by establishing multiple compatible sources of front-panel, hot-pluggable, 16-channel 400 Gb/s modules that will essentially allow the entire copper cable and fiber optics transceiver market to grow more rapidly,” said Scott Sommers, group product manager, Molex.

Visit the CDFP MSA online.

Visit Molex online.

Visit TE Connectivity online.

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