Product Focus – Hand Tools

By Cable Assembly Supplier | March 08, 2013

Product Focus – Hand Tools

From crimping to stripping, from compressing to soldering, if you work with cable, you have a lot of options in hand tools. Here we look at just a handful of the latest products to hit the market, but for more information, visit the application equipment page on our website.

IDEAL has expanded its industry-leading line of coaxial cable termination products with the new Linear X1 and Linear X3 compression hand tools, bringing added value to contractors installing CATV, CCTV, and other audio/video systems. IDEAL’s value-priced compression tool for coax cable has a linear stroke that provides consistent compression results with easy operation. The Linear X1 is a fixed model designed solely for F connectors. It is factory-calibrated and set to compress industry standard 21mm F compression connectors, including the entire family of IDEAL F connectors for RG6/RG6 Quad/RG59. No adjustments to the tool are needed. The Linear X3 features an adjustable post that can be raised or lowered to accommodate different sizes and types of F/BNC/RCA compression connectors. No separate or loose adapters are required for BNC or RCA connectors, eliminating the frustration of lost adapters.

TE Connectivity’s
premium CERTI-CRIMP and CERTI-CRIMP II Hand Tools are hand-operated tools for crimping a broad array of terminals, contacts, and special wiring devices available from TE. They are designed to exacting specifications to produce consistent, high-quality terminations. A potential service life of more than 50,000 cycles is possible, depending on operator care. There are currently seven basic styles of CERTI-CRIMP Hand Tools. The choice depends on the product being applied and/or your preferred method of application. For example, open barrel contacts typically require straight-action die movement to minimize possible rotation during crimping. Or, if your application requires crimping different sizes of terminals, you may prefer using a single tool with a combination of crimping nests, rather than two or three separate tools. Other options include insulation crimp adjustment for different insulation thicknesses, a locator for properly positioning and supporting the terminal or contact in the tool, a wire stop, and color coding and/or wire size information on the head of the tool or on the handles. CERTI-CRIMP Hand Tools are well suited for low production runs, prototype work, and repairs — almost any application requiring consistent, highly reliable terminations.

The Weller WX Soldering Station is a powerful and easy-to-use two-channel soldering system that provides intelligent tool recognition that allows the user to quickly change tools without adjusting to the soldering station. The soldering station features a tool receptacle with quick-change connectors for attaching soldering irons, tweezers, etc.; an RJ45 port (with a second one on the back of the unit) to manage fume extractors, heating plates, etc.; and a multi-purpose USB port for quick firmware updates, data logging, and parameter configuration. The touch screen is viewable at all angles and is made of anti-static, chemical- and temperature-resistant glass. These systems feature an intuitive six-touch-key interface with radius guide for turn-and-click navigation. The WX system also has an automatic energy saving mode that goes to low power when not in use. It’s ideal for soldering work on LED backplanes, solar applications, and micro-soldering joints. The stations keep costs down by conserving energy and providing intelligent power management.

The Bosch 1942 Heat Gun, ideal for stripping paint, shrinking tubing or packaging, heating liquids, loosening fittings, softening caulking and surface finishes, and thawing pipes, provides a power blower with a high volume of air needed for industrial applications. The air intake regulator adjusts the temperature as required for the job, and the cool air setting both cools the tool and works for no-heat applications, adding versatility. An insulated nozzle protects the operator and provides a cool exterior temperature, and a padded, adjustable stand allows for stationary use with a multi-position holder. A range of accessories are available for specific uses in building trades, industrial applications, and industrial work. The gun operates at 14.3 Amps, 750-1000ºF.

The Klein Tools Katapult Wire Stripper/Cutter expands the popular Katapult line with an exclusive built-in wire cutter. This wire stripper offers steel cutting blades for clean stripping and a durable, corrosion-resistant cast alloy construction. It strips and cuts 8-22 AWG wire, and precision-machined stripping holes easily remove up to one inch of insulation in a single step without damaging the wire. The tension- loaded wire-grip gently holds the cable while retaining cable geometry, and compound action stripping means you grip and strip with a single-action squeezing motion. The recoil spring design returns the tool to ready position upon completion of the cycle.

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