Komax Kappa Cut-and-Strip Machine Speeds Wire Processing

By Cable Assembly Supplier | March 08, 2013

Komax Kappa Cut-and-Strip Machine Speeds Wire Processing

Komax Kappa Cut-and-Strip MachineAdvanced sensor technology gives the new Kappa 322 from Komax a powerful advantage for easy cable setup and changeovers without tools. Even difficult-to-process materials can be set up quickly.

The Kappa 322 carries a patented swivel technique in the wire drive that allows for different processing positions. The machine is designed for a wide variety of special applications, or the separation and processing of inside wires in multi-pole cables.

The intuitive touch-screen and integrated user prompts make it extremely easy to operate. Plus, the Kappa 322 covers a broader processing range than ever before with a diversity of available solutions, including inkjet, part list production, and networking options.

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