Mill-Max Micro-Miniature Fiber Plug Receptacle

By Cable Assembly Supplier | February 03, 2013

Mill-Max Micro-Miniature Fiber Plug Receptacle

Mill-Max has added a micro-miniature option to its organic fiber plug receptacle lineup. The newest Mill-Max socket receptacle, 4428-0-43-15-04-14-10-0, is its tiniest OFP receptacle ever. Optimized for high-density packaging down to 1 mm pitch, this micro-miniature, ultra-low profile receptacle accepts .008”-.013” device leads or mating pins and can be soldered into a hole as small as .030.”

Mill-Max’s Organic Fiber Plug (OFP) solder barrier receptacles are discrete sockets for thru-hole soldering into printed circuit boards. These open bottom receptacles are fitted with Organic Fiber Plugs to prevent contamination of the internal contact during the soldering process. When the device/mating lead is plugged into the receptacle, the OFP is knocked out, allowing the mating lead to pass through the fingers of the internal contact and make a reliable electrical connection. Like all Mill-Max OFP receptacles, the 4428 features an open bottom construction designed for pin pass-through requirements such as board-to-board or board-to-module interconnection.

The 4428 is also available packaged on tape-and-reel, part number 4428-0-67-15-04-14-10-0. Tape-and-reel packaging permits these thru-hole components to be placed simultaneously with surface-mount parts on pick-and-place assembly lines, eliminating the need to hand-place the receptacles in an additional manufacturing step.

Mill-Max 4428 features a gold-plated, precision-machined brass shell assembled with its exclusive #04 gold-plated beryllium copper contact clip with a 2 amp current rating.

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