ZIF/LIF Product Roundup  

By AJ Born | May 30, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights ZIF/LIF from leading suppliers.


6824 Series from KYOCERA AVXThe 6824 Series from KYOCERA AVX of FPC/FFC connectors was developed for the internal connection of mobile equipment such as digital cameras, tablet PCs, smartphones, and game consoles. Despite their low-profile and space-saving features, FPC or PCB layouts have fewer restrictions due to dual-sided contacts. The 6824 Series features a pitch of 0.4 mm, height of 0.93 mm, and width of 2.7 mm.

FA10 Series from JAEThe FA10 Series from JAE is a 0.5 mm pitch, top and bottom-surface connection type, one-action LIF (low insertion force) FPC connector ideally suited for saving space in mobile devices. FA10 has a 0.5 mm pitch, 0.9 mm overall height, and 3.2 mm depth. FA10 features guides for FPC sides for friction lock and prevention of misalignment, one-action mating with no need for actuator or slider operation during insertion and removal, and tapered guides in the insertion area for improved FPC insertion. Board pattern traces are possible under the connector, excluding terminal areas. Terminals at both front and back improve board retention strength. FA10 is a lead-free, halogen-free compliant product. The nickel barrier prevents solder wicking.

 Powell Electronics supplies TE Connectivity’s (TE) new low insertion force (LIF) 250 FASTON Powell Electronics supplies TE Connectivity’s (TE) new low insertion force (LIF) 250 FASTON receptacle terminal with 2D crimp. LIF 250 FASTON is designed for a broad range of quick disconnect applications. This new receptacle requires less than 6 lbs. of insertion force while still providing excellent retention force when used with a 0.250 x 0.032 in. FASTON tab. The 2D crimp accommodates wire sizes from 22 to 12AWG using the same applicator while providing electrical and mechanical properties comparable to those of the traditional F crimp. This can reduce the number of part numbers to spec in, buy, and inventory; reduce applicator cost and set-up; and improve applicator efficiency. This LIF 250 FASTON receptacle with 2D crimp technology can be used across all industries where a standard F crimp 250 FASTON receptacle has always been used.

MC801 connectors from TE Connectivity and supplied by AvnetMC801 connectors from TE Connectivity and supplied by Avnet combine a 38999 shell with the capability to use industry standard 801 optical termini. TE Connectivity supports a full range of interface styles to help achieve the benefits of fiber’s bandwidth, reach, and noise immunity.


PEI-Genesis supplies ITT Cannon’s DL connector familyPEI-Genesis supplies ITT Cannon’s DL connector family, a versatile, high-density zero insertion force (ZIF) connector series with up to 260 contacts in plastic body connectors and up to 408 contacts in the EMI/RFI shielded metal body connectors. DL ZIF connectors have a minimum rated life of 10,000 mating cycles and are ideal for medical imaging, Test & Measurement equipment, entertainment equipment, or any application that requires high mating cycles and high performance in a multiple-wire power and signal connector. Their unique latching design allows for configurations up to 360-way to be mated and unmated in less than two seconds and requires no sliding force.

Ganged SSMCX connectors from MolexGanged SSMCX connectors from Molex, approximately 35% smaller than MMCX connectors, are available in 50 and 75 Ohm versions. The extremely small size makes SSMCX connectors an ideal solution to create multi-port, high-density RF applications.


Hirose Electric FH34 FPC/FFC ZIF ConnectorsThe Hirose Electric FH34 FPC/FFC ZIF Connectors are 0.5 mm pitch low-profile connectors with a height of 1.0 mm above the board and a width of 3.8 mm, making them ideal for space-saving applications. These back-flip connectors are compatible with 0.3 mm thick FPC/FFC and feature both upper and lower contacts. The FH34SRJ series provides increased FPC/FFC retention horizontally and vertically than other connectors with similar construction. The FH34D connectors come with tabs for improved FPC retention force. Hirose FH34 series connectors are delivered with the lock open, so there is no need to open the actuator before working.

F31L series from Amphenol Communications SolutionsF31L series from Amphenol Communications Solutions is a right angle ZIF flex connector with a front flip lock, surface mount termination, and double contact points. It features 2.55 mm in height and comes in 4 to 80 contacts. F31L is ideal for automotive, data, industrial, and medical applications. F31S series is a 0.50 mm pitch vertical ZIF flex connector with a vertical flip locking mechanism, surface mount termination, and dual contacts. It features a height of 5.80 mm and comes in 10 to 70 contacts. F31S is ideal for automotive, data, industrial, communication, consumer, and medical applications. Both series feature a cable thickness of 0.30 mm and provide enhanced durability of 30 mating cycles. The connectors come with a robust design and prevent solder and flux wicking.

Greenconn ZIFLIFGreenconn’s FPC series zero insertion force (ZIF) and low insertion force (LIF) connectors provide an extensive combination of actuators, pitch sizes, and circuit sizes. These low profile and lightweight connectors are ideal for portable medical test equipment, achieving the miniaturization required for medical handheld devices. On a PCB board, both ZIF and LIF can be used with flat flexible cables (FFC) as counterparts to support reliable, robust and easy-to-use connector solutions with improved design flexibility. These ZIF/LIF connectors have become increasingly common in several applications, especially when a connection to a small display or keyboard is required.

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