Yamaichi SO-DIMM Sockets

By News Release | April 14, 2014

Yamaichi SO-DIMM sockets expand the supplier’s family of production use and test & burn-in sockets.

Yamaichi DDR2&3 SO-DIMM socketsWith the CN111S and CN112S series, Yamaichi brings to market new socket versions for DDR2 and DDR3 SO-DIMM memory modules. With these two new series, Yamaichi is expanding its large family of production use and test & burn-in sockets.

The two new sockets are for production usage. The CN111S socket was developed especially for modules that meet the DDR2 (Double Data Rate) standard in the SO-DIMM version (Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module). It is a 200-pin, 1.8V version with an installation height of 5.2mm. The contacts are gold-plated as standard.

Yamaichi’s CN112S series is the counterpart to the memory chip module available on the market since 2010. Equipped with 204 gold-plated contacts (1.5V) and a low installation height of 5.2mm, the CN112S also meets the requirements of the SO-DIMM classification.

Both series are particularly remarkable due to their contact design. It strikes a balance between optimum engaging forces and high contact forces. This ensures that the contacts always make a stable connection to the module. The design also ensures that the contact force is continuous, even in environments that include dust or contamination. The module is reliably inserted by means of two lateral rails that support and guide it. Both the CN111S and the CN112S have been developed and tested in accordance with the JEDEC standard.

Both versions were developed for processing on the surface of the PCB. Installation can be as simple as removing them from the tape-and-reel packaging and soldering. Due to their low installation height, the CN111S and CN112S are perfect for applications in notebooks in a wide variety of markets, like consumer electronics, medical technology, and even the industrial PC sector.

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