Yamaichi Y-Con Cable Assembly Product Line

By News Release | March 16, 2015

The Yamaichi Y-Con cable assembly product line includes adapter cables with M12 and push-pull connectors that terminate to RJ45 and USB interfaces. 

Yamaichi Electronics’Yamaichi Cable Assemblies Y-Con product line provides adapter cables with M12 or push-pull connectors that connect to RJ45 or USB interfaces. All the required connector components are available on-site at Yamaichi, so the entire cable assembly can be manufactured at a single production location.

Yamaichi Electronics can also implement customer-specific tools for the overmolding of connectors or special-formed parts quickly and easily. Based on customer needs and using a standalone software package, the geometry data can be translated from 3D models into the required machine code. Using its existing machines, injection tools are manufactured in-house and can be put directly into production, which makes possible the ability to manufacture cost-optimized tools for small lots and short throughput times.

Yamaichi manages the entire product manufacturing process, from the concept phase, through the design and material procurement phases, to series production with subsequent functional testing. To ensure that the cables delivered have been fabricated to the specifications provided, Yamaichi is part of the UL Traceability Program for Wiring Harnesses (ZPFW2) and Processed Wire (ZKLU/2/7/8). The UL label affixed to the packaging confirms that the product has been fabricated according to customer specifications and quality standards.

Upon request,Yamaichi can offer individual labeling, marking, and signage options.

News Release
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