Yamaichi Electronics’ USB 3.1 Connectors

By News Release | June 15, 2015

Yamaichi Electronics’ USB 3.1 connectors extend an already broad USB product line.

Yamaichi ElectronicsYamaichi Electronics' USB 3.1 Connectors expanded its portfolio of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 products with the new USB series 3.1 that includes a standard line of types A and C, both in plug and socket variants. Cable assemblies in a number of combinations are also available.

The nine-pin version A is initially available in the TH variant. It is upwards-compatible with older USB versions.

Type C is available in a combination of SMT and TH pins due to the high number of contacts, with 24 pins. Since version C is not compatible with legacy USB products, Yamaichi Electronics also offers adapters from type C to type A. These adapters are also available in the form of short cable assemblies to ensure greater flexibility.

In general, Yamaichi Electronics has a broad offering of assembled cables, such as from type C to type C with 15 strands for high-speed data transmission, as well as for applications from type C to USB 2.0 with only five strands.

All cables can be fabricated with a wide variety of connectors, as needed by the customer. The plug side is also available as a component with solder contacts.

All USB 3.1 connectors and cable assemblies are plated with nickel-palladium and gold to ensure high transmission quality and guarantee the required number of plug cycles. Depending on the type, board connectors are packaged in reels or trays.

News Release
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